Yuichi-san’s Z34


名前/Name: Yuichi Shimizu

歳/Age: 30

県/City: Kanagawa,JAPAN

車/Car: Z34

仕事/Occupation: Office worker


ホイール/Wheels: work EMOTION T7R2P 20inch

サスペンション/Suspension: KW version3


exteriorパーツ: NISMO 2015 body kit(front is US version), APR performance carbon splitter, FUJIMURA AUTO spoiler(smoothing with hatch), All lenses black painted(dimly)

interiorパーツ: BRIDE seats, NISMO steering, NISMO shiftknob(JUKE NISMO)


チューニングパーツ/Tuning parts: aFe Takeda intake, HKS muffler (exhaust)

一番最初のパーツ/What was your first modification?: suspension


直近のパーツ/What was your latest modification?: NISMO body kit and splitter (It was completed 3 days before wekfest)

次はこの車何する/Do you have anymore plans for this car? If so, what?: ECU tuning

この車は変わりたいのものある/If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: I wanna exchange custom audio

前の車何があた/Previously owned cars?: (全部)TOYOTA VITZ(NCP91), TOYOTA ALTEZZA(SXE10), TOYOTA SAI(AZK10), TOYOTA CELICA(ZZT231)


次の車は何が欲しい/What car would you like to buy next?: まだ考えてないけど、またクーペに乗りたい。 I have thought about it yet but I would like to get a coupe.

まず2年前に2014年までの最初のNISMO body kitを装着しました。
そして今回wekfestに向けて2015 body kitに入れ替えました。
黄色はNISMOに設定のない色なので、オールペイントではなく標準色のままNISMO kitを装着することで特別な感じを出したかった。 This car is a standard Fairlady Z and not a Nismo. It used to have the 2014 Nismo kit on it until recently I put the 2015 Nismo kit on just before the recent Wekfest event in Nagoya Port Messe.



車が好きなのは子供の頃からです。 I have liked cars since my childhood.
免許をとってからは自分でカスタマイズするのが楽しくて夢中でした。 Since I got my license I’ve been having so much fun customizing my car.
今は仲間と集まって車の話をしたり写真を撮るのが楽しいです。 Now I like to take pictures and talk with friends about cars.
多分一生車好きは変わらないと思います。 I think my love and life of cars will not change.

Giulio’s verdict: This Z34 is cleaner than a mysophobic’s hands. I actually saw this Z34 in the flesh at Nagoya’s wekfest a couple of weeks ago and it was lovely to have a little walk round it to really appreciate everything about its looks. The body colour, the little red trim details, the wheel choice and added body parts are just about perfect. Well done on your build, me likes. By the way, we’ll be having a couple of posts up from Wekfest soon.

If you want to see more of Yuichi’s Z then head over to his Instagram page @u1_smz

Photos by: Yuichi Shimizu @u1_smz

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