Whitezilla3 Mazdaspeed3

Name: Ariel Casas

Age: 26

City: Miami

Car: 2012 Mazdaspeed 3

Occupation: Project Superintendent


Wheels: Traklite

Suspension: Eibach springs Koni yellow shocks


Exterior parts: Apr splitter, Seibon carbon fiber hood, Carbon fiber grill, custom painted headlights and taillights, Carbon fiber mirrors, Carbon fiber spoiler.

Interior parts: Corbeau Seats, 3 gauge pod with gauges, nr-g harness bar, pioneer radio with sub and amp.


Tuning parts: 4.5″ intake, pt6266 turbo, cpe exhaust mani, custom 3″ downpipe, jmf intake mani, ported injection, manley pistons and rods, gfb bov, precision waste gate, wot box, cobb accessport, treadstone intercooler. Tuned by Freektuned

What was your first modification?: Intake

What was your latest modification?: Fender exit exhaust


Do you have any more plans for this car? If so, what? More power

If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: rwd instead of fwd

Previously owned cars?: Lexus is250

What car would you like to buy next?: Alfa Romeo Giulia


The way I came about getting this car was very interesting. I wasn’t even thinking of buying one. When I got to the mazda dealer, I was looking at a used wrx sti. When I saw it, the car was leaking oil everywhere possible. As I was leaving the dealer, the salesman showed me the speed and I fell in love with it. Immediately started doing little mods. Started winning some races and next thing you know, everybody was knowing me by whitezilla. Its been a great run and I’m very grateful of all my fans and people that supported me and my car.

Giulio’s verdict: This was another car I thought about getting a while back. As I was browsing online checking out my possible next motor I often checked these Mazdaspeed3’s (Axela as they’re called here in Japan). For the age, mileage and power these seemed awesome value for money. Why didn’t I get one? Well, as Whitezilla3 said, they’re fwd which kind of put me off as I wanted to try a rwd….still occasionally look at these and keep wondering if I should try one though. THIS example from Whitezilla3 is a lovely example of one though and I like it! Well done on your build.

If you want to keep up to date on his build, go check out his instagram page @WHITEZILLA3

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