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So, on a previous post you saw this ORIGIN Labo. Nissan Silvia S13 in this pink colour that some people would probably say”Ummm, yeah but no thanks.” For me, it’s not that bad, I’m not a pink colour fan but when it’s on a machine like this I can forgive and have learned to kind of like it now. For a lot of people their weapon of choice for drifting, dressing up, just light tuning or going wild tuning style are these Silvias.

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Not sure if you remember that I told you in my previous post on the Nagoya Showdown that ORIGIN Labo. had a couple of cars on display, well here’s the other one done in a similar pink and and nice shade of purple to compliment it. Decal central!

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She’s a beast sitting there just waiting to be thrown around on the track. I love the S15, this is one car that I’m pondering over whether to get next or not. Around where I live we have a few garages that have gone a bit sales happy on these from making them look real clean to stupid power for the road and the upgrades are so readily available here that it’s a wet dream reality check saying don’t miss out on the opportunity to own one at least once in your life.

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Now the S14 always had me wishing to be an owner of a Silvia, before the S15 was released. For me though this car is more of a dress up car. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some damn impressive S14 monsters out there but if I were to own one of these, I would only light tune it….well maybe just over light tune….and focus more on it’s stance.

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I’m not sure if you would agree with me on this but personally I think this is just too nice to abuse it on a track. This is more like the girl you would take to your parents and they would look at her as if to say “wow son, you picked a lovely looking lady there” but she is also a wild one not afraid to throw caution to the wind and experiment under the sheets…..in the kitchen….bathroom…..on the dining table….in public………. Right! back to this article.

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When I first saw this I was in two minds about it. That roof and that WAAAAANG! Saying that, it soon started to grow on me. I walked past it a couple of times taking the odd cheeky glance, then I decided to get a bit closer and take a little brief lap around it at which point it started to interest me that little bit more with each closer look I took. She was different for sure, clean and mean at the same time. All good in my eyes.

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That all metal razor blade sharp MASSIVE wing and a, what I think is a one-off titanium back box, could be wrong about that though. The fenders are nice, the wheels compliment it and like I said it’s just all round clean but mean. It finally grew on me and I can’t really dislike anything about it.

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And finally another pink rod….Do you think I should have phrased that differently?…. This one was sweet as well, couldn’t fault it.

Let us know what you think about any of these. If you were in the market for a Silvia, which S model would you go for and why?

Photos by : Giulio D’Aliesio

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