Nagoya Showdown pt.1


A while back I went to a place not too far from where I’ve been living for the past 9 years, Nagoya Port Messe. This place has 3 large buildings and plenty of outdoor space to hold various different events. This particular event is usually held around Spring and is called the Nagoya Showdown event. It’s mainly about tuner cars with a few body styling companies displaying their stuff and almost all of the companies and people that show their cars are local from what I saw.

Going back some time before this event I attempted to visit another one which is the most popular car show held here every year. I say attempted because as I reached approximately 2 kilometres away from the event I came to a stand still on the 3 lane wide road near the event that was barely moving. I’ll go into more detail about that on a future post. When I arrived at this one though it was a different experience. As I was approaching the multi story car park I started to ask myself if there was an event being held, there was no traffic.

Entering the car park made it clear that there was, indeed an car event on and some of the cars people were rocking up in were quite impressive. The Supra in the first picture is just one of the examples and I felt that what was going to be on display would be well worth the visit. As soon as I stepped into the building that was being used to hold this event there was a bright pink S13 that caught my eye so I just had to venture over to it. ORIGIN Labo. had a couple of Silvias on display and they weren’t the only people to choose the fairly recent popular pink colour on cars here in Japan.

Near the centre of the hall was this Mazda Eunos/Mx5/Miata in a, what I think was a nice blue but…..wasn’t feeling the same way about the coloured spots plastered here and there. I like what they did with the headlights, bodywork and the engine was just lovely. Yes, I see that classic Skyline in the background too, quite a few old school bad boys there that day. Again I’ll be posting some photos of some of the other cars on another post at a later date for you to enjoy. For now though I will show you these two examples of the classics on display. Sitting next to each other were these bad boys. The R31 Skyline (looks like some bloke is getting head from it) and this orange 240Z which has been making its appearance in a few shows lately showing off its body from Star Road.

This mad drag spec Supra was also centre staged too with its massive twin turbos and blinding painwork was Blitzed up to the maximum. It wasn’t all just JDM at the show though, EURO was on display too with this Alfa 4C and with what I think was a nice touch to add the matt black roof, bonnet and green wheels.

Batmobile style Supra. There were 3 of these aggressive things, this one, a white one which you can see it just sticking its nose into the picture and a red one next to that.

I’m just going to add a few more pics for you guys to take a look at and if you have any favourites or other comments, feel free to place your comments down below.

Photos by: Giulio D’aliesio

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