Mitchel Wood’s Civic Fb6


Name: Mitchel Wood.

Age: 26.

City: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Car: 2014 Honda Civic Si Fb6

Occupation: Diesel Technician


I was always into cars. Started right when I began driving, I always wanted to go faster or go lower, and modify as much as possible until I reached my goals. I also have a bit of a fetish for authentic wheels. At one point I had a set of BBS RM, Volk TE37, and my AGWheels kicking around in my basement.


Suspension/Wheels: Avant Garde F121 Wheels, Airlift Suspension with Accuair Management.

Exterior parts: Password JDM Kevlar pieces on exterior and in engine bay.


Interior parts: Spoon shifter knob garage16 extender.

Tuning parts: No tuner mods because daily driver.


What was your first modification?: First mod was hids and JDM emblems.

What was your latest modification?: Latest mod was installing wheels and dialing in fitment.


Do you have anymore plans for this car? If so, what?: I have many mods planned including trunk hardline setup and big break kit exhaust etc.
If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?:  If I could change anything I would make it a bit faster.


Previously owned cars?: I have owned three other civics including a 94 coupe ej1, 92 hatchback eg, coupe Sir em1, and a 99 jeep tj.
What car would you like to have next?: If I was going to buy a car it would be a Nissan GT-R R35.



My friend and I have done all the work on the car by ourselves. The kit was not even available for my car so we made a older model version work. The shop name is MDG Fabrication and MDG Electrical.


Currently I am all about stance for my daily driver but also still have my EM1 that I am building as a race car. With an excess of 5000$ of engine parts already purchased. So it’s low and slow daily. And insane track car. Thank you for the opportunity to be on the site!

To follow Mitchel’s build, follow him on Instagram @jdmwoody

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