Jorge’s Bubble Hatch


Name: Jorge M.

Age: 21

City: San Diego

Car: 1994 civic dx

 Occupation: automotive technician


I’ve always had an interest for cars. As a kid, it all started with hot wheels and from there it continued to progress with model cars, remote controlled cars, etc. I liked figuring out how things worked, which resulted in me taking things apart such as remote controlled cars. I grew up in a neighborhood that had lowriders. As I grew older, I started hanging out with my neighbors and watching them work on their cars. I learned a lot, especially  because these were show cars which involved a lot of customizing and creating of custom one off parts. That part of my childhood  is what really got my hobby of working on cars started.



Wheels: Rays gram lights 57dr.

Suspension: Skunk2 pro c coil overs.


Exterior parts: East coast composites lip & air ducts, charge speed fenders, APR mirrors, OEM Type R clear side markers.

Interior parts: JDM Type R Recaros, K tuned shift knob, Ktuned shifter, Autopower roll bar, Miracle x bar, JDM itr cluster, NRG hub & quick release, Momo Monte Carlo steering wheel, rfab dead pedal & pedals.

Tuning parts: usdm integra type r engine swap, Go auto works 3″ cai,  skunk2 throttle body, skunk2 intake manifold, hondata thermal intake manifold gasket, skunk 2 alpha header, skunk 2 cat back, skunk2 radiator & hoses, toda cam gears & timing belt


When I graduated high school I bought my first Honda, a 2001 Integra gsr with a JDM front end. It was a stolen recovery that I bought from a used car lot by some junkyards. I remember that day clearly driving it back home, open headers and every single light was lit on the cluster haha. I had to change the whole under dash and engine wire harness, replace the motor mounts, fix the check engine and abs lights, source many parts that were missing due to it being stolen and then go through the process of registering it again, which involved many trips to the dmv and chp. I was proud of that car because it was truly a learning experience and I did all the work at the age of 18, along with the help of my friends. About a year later the car got stolen which left me heart broken, I was pretty upset for a while and first hand experienced one of the dangers of owning a Honda.


What was your first modification?: When I purchased the car, I tore it apart for a complete make over, the first things done was the paint job and engine bay shave.

What was your latest modification?: Latest modification was the installation of shock tower extensions in the engine bay.


Do you have anymore plans for this car? If so, what?: Yes, to go faster haha.

If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: I would not change anything with my car, I am happy with the decisions that were made and the current progress I’m making on it.


Previously owned cars?: Milano red 2001 Integra gsr JDM front end.

What car would you like to buy next?: Next car that I’d  like to purchase would probably be a S2000



A few weeks after my Integra got stolen, I bought the civic. When I bought this car it gave me the chance to work on something new and come back stronger. I decided that I was going to build something functional and clean looking bringing together function and form. I tore the car apart and completely redid everything. The car ended up becoming a year and a half project but it was well worth the time and patience. I am happy with the way the car currently sits now. Even though a lot of work has been done to it, I will continue to make upgrades and changes as any other car enthusiast would.

John’s Verdict: One of the reasons why I love this EG is because it is very similar to the style I am planning on my own EG! Jorge blends form and function together perfectly on this build as seen with many others on our site. I also enjoyed reading his progression into the car scene!

To keep up with Jorge’s build, follow him on Instagram @jorge619hnda

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