Jared Garcia’s S2000


Name: Jared Garcia

Age: 24

City: Louisville, KY

Car: 2007 Honda S2000

Occupation: Bartender


I wasn’t really into the whole import scene you could say until I met some of my oldest friends; Vincent Gonzalez, Kevin Narine, James Neblett. Between the three’s build, I quickly became hooked with modifying imports, primarily Hondas. It especially inspired me to own a S2000.


Wheels: Diamond Black Edition CE28n, Rays Red Lug Nuts, Rays Red Valve Stems, Limited Edition Volk Racing Carbon Fiber Center Caps

Suspension: Koni Ground Control Coilovers, Password JDM Strut Bar

Tuning Parts: Password JDM Carbon Fiber Power Chamber, Invidia Q300 and Test Pipe


Exterior Parts: Voltex Type 2 Carbon Fiber Wing, Forbidden USA Carbon Fiber Diffuser, LowProAero Splitter and Side Diffusers, APR Carbon Fiber GT3 Mirrors, Forbidden USA Carbon Fiber Hardtop, Car Shop Glow Taillights

Interior Parts: Alpine Bluetooth Head Unit, Alpine Type S Full Audio System (Speakers, Amp, Sub, Components, Tweeters), Recaro Raptor Artista Seats, Bride RO Rails, JS Racing Wheel, NSX Type R Horn, Works Bell QR and Hub, AEM Oil Pressure Gauge, Innovative Wideband, Spoon Rearview Mirror, Moddiction Anvil 2 Shift Knob, Redline Goods Full Interior Upgrade


What was your first modification?: Dealer Tags XD

What was your latest modification?: Recaro Raptor Artista SR4 Seats


Do you have anymore plans for this car? If so, what?: SOS Stage 2 Supercharger, Hard Dog Rollbar, Takata Drift III Seatbelts, JS Racing Header, Koyo Radiator

If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: To be honest, I’m happy with the way the car is shaping up these past few months, I get impatient and sometimes realize I can’t build what’s in my head overnight.


Previously owned cars?: AP1 S2000, DC5 RSX, DC2 Integra

What car would you like to buy next?: NA1 NSX

With the help of Drew Turner, Brad Brooks, and the rest of Team Deft Motion and NvUS, I quickly began my road of bringing my dream S2000 in my head to real life. It’s been a long journey but at the same time have so much farther I plan to take this car. I one day hope to have one of the most elitist S2000s on the east coast.

John’s Verdict: This is honestly one of the cleanest s2000 builds I’ve seen. I think what really attracts me to this build is the perfect mix of form and function. I’ve been thinking about getting an s2000 in the future, and this just might have made up my mind!

To see more of Jared’s build, follow him on Instagram @JAP2RED


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