Chrysler300 VIP whip


Name: Adam Avila

Age: 21

City: Goodyear, AZ

Car: 2009 Chrysler 300

Occupation: Tech


This car has been a long over 2 year project, I manage to be a dad, work full time and trying to build this 300 to just drive it and be proud of it. The best feeling is from the simplest non stop great comments driving around town to having someone do a full 360 walk around at a car show and tell me how bad they love the car or the wheels and what future plans they have. This car started off as a daily 2 years ago and one day I seen a very nice built 300 and from that day on the modifications has never stopped. I have had this car broken into, interior and exterior vandalized and had the motor take a shit on me and been replaced all in one year and only came back better and stronger. There is always something going wrong but again with great passion for cars I have gained the best feeling is spending hours in the garage fixing the problem and getting to know more and more about my car.



Wheels: Avant Garde function series staggered F141s Wheels, chrome stepped lip, brushed face, polished windows, chrome hardware, chrome lug nuts.

Suspension: Universal Air suspension, AccuAir VU4, double 444 Viair compressors.


Exterior parts: Satin custom blue liquid wrap.

Interior parts: Custom leather seats with carbonfiber inserts.


What was your first modification? First small mods tint and wheels, first big mod was bagging the 300.

What was your latest modification? Full custom seats and an APR carbonfiber front splitter.

Do you have any more plans for this car? If so, what? Performance wise, major plan soon is to put a 6.1 Hemi motor swap and eventually supercharge it. Exterior wise, finally vinyl wrapping the 300 a color I have been in love with for the last 2 years, done 5 different liquid vinyl color changes already.

If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: The only thing I would change is the rear and make it a wide body 300 someday.



Previously owned cars?: First car was a 2005 Nissan Maxima to a 2009 Chrysler 300 and just brought on a New 2005 Cadillac V8 STS but it will be fully modified soon knowing how I am and every car guy is, #StockSucks

What car would you like to buy next?: My go to next car I plan on buying is a 2013 SRT Charger and do performance modifications.


Giulio’s Verdict: I’ve seen a number of these in Japan but never have I seen one anywhere near as clean as this one. Two thumbs up from me on your build, Adam!

If you want to check out other photos of his VIP whip then head on over to Adam’s Insta page @bagged300 and follow him.

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