Chai’s Emerald Wraped EK

Name: Chai Yang

Age: 22

City: Modesto

Car: 1997 Honda Civic

Occupation: I work at Amazon

Wheels: ESM 002 16×9

Suspension: Ksport coilover

Exterior parts: There are so many parts but let me lists them out. The first think is the color. It’s not paint it’s a wrap!!

Air Walker bumper rep, OEM CTR retro headlights, OEM CTR folding mirror, Seeker V2 wing, OEM CTR rear lip, I have all clear tail lights and also have the 99-00 tail lights, Greddy sp2 exhaust, OEM clear side marker, OEM door visor, OEM CTR grill, GSR brake conversation, Skunk2 read camber kit.

Interior parts: Recaros, ITR rear seat, x brace, JDM sunglasses holder, Si cluster, 400mm Broadway mirror


Tuning parts: As for now I am building a b20 turbo using a Greddy 18g turbo.

750cc grams, blox manifold, 68mm tb, ARP headstuds

Power: As for power, I’m looking to make at least 250 whp.

What was your first modification?: The first mod I ever did was putting a cheap Type R lip haha then it was some cheap coilovers.

What was your latest modification?: The last thing I did so far was putting the turbo in my car.

Do you have anymore plans for this car? If so, what?: There are so many plans I want to do.

RHD, K swap, 5 lug conversation, re-do my whole interior, the whole bag shave and wire tuck.

If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: Honesty there isn’t anything I want to change on my car. I had this car for almost 6 year now and I love it. Bought it when it was just stock.


Previously owned cars?: None. This is the only car I’ve owned.

What car would you like to buy next?: Hmm my next car I would love to own would be a Evo 9.

John’s Verdict: I’ve always loved EK’s. When I was buying my car, it was a toss up between an EK, or an EG. I ended up going for the EG, but EK’s are always in my list of future potential cars. Such a timeless design with endless modification potential.

Want to see more of Chai’s EK? Follow him on Instagram @chai_yang


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