Bagged Subaru 2015 STI CWP


Name: Jared

Age: 25

City: Providence, RI

Car: 2015 STI CWP

Occupation: Physical Therapist

Bagged Subaru 2015 STi CWP


My name’s Jared, and I’m 25. Being around cars for my whole life, my dream was to own a car I could own and build. In high school a bunch of my friends owned fast cars whether be their parents or mommy given. I always worked hard, but never was able to afford a “race” car or maintain one. I knew it would have to wait till after college. I was able to buy an 05 WRX with a full time job while in school, but was not able to modify it much secondary to low income.


Bagged Subaru 2015 STi CWP


Exterior parts: ESR Custom Copper 18×10.5+22 Show setup, Enkei T6s Candy Teal 18×9.5 +38 handling setup, Custom lip splitters, BaysonR Lips, JDM Grille, JDM Rear fog light, 25% tint, Black roof wrap, Retro-Fit headlights, Hella horn

Interior parts: JDM console cover, custom cubby gauge mount, ProSport Evo gauges, custom B/W Digital Camo  B pillar and Shift boot, Billet Workz Weighted Knob

Bagged Subaru 2015 STi CWP


Tuning parts: Stage 1 Cobb AP V3, Nameless Performance Catback Muffler Delete, OEM short block CP Pistons

Bagged Subaru 2015 STi CWP


I had finally graduated college and knew it was now time for my dream car and that was a new STI. I decided to sell MY05 WRX and custom order my 2015 STI CWP. I received my STI in July 2014 and from there the flame grew. The car was bagged by November 2014 with wheels on the way for the 2015 season attending Boxerfest in MD. Now with the car payed off and all mine, the classic STI thing to do, the car blew a ring land at 9k miles on my trip to MD. The car was rebuilt with new OEM bottom end with CP Pistons. Now with 19k miles I’m ready to do a rotated turbo kit in the fall.

Bagged Subaru 2015 STi CWP


What was your first modification?: Nameless Catback Muffler delete

What was your latest modification?: Custom Lip splitters made by myself

Bagged Subaru 2015 STi CWP


Do you have anymore plans for this car? If so, what?: Future plans in the fall are big ones with Rotated GT30r with all supporting mods, FMIC and ELHs.

If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: I would change the color. As much as I love white, I would love a new exterior vinyl wrap of Dark Crystal Grey.

Bagged Subaru 2015 STi CWP


Previously owned cars?: 2005 WRX

What car would you like to buy next?: GTR but can’t not have a stick

Bagged Subaru 2015 STi CWP

Bagged Subaru 2015 STi CWP


My car has always been tastefully done with research and flow in mind. I let the car do the talking. I’m proud owner of my car and welcome anyone to questions and help others with their builds and pass the knowledge on to fellow Subaru owners.

To keep up with Jared’s build, follow him on Instagram @subilove401

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