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So it was that time of the year again, Nagoya Autotrend at Nagoya Port Messe. This year I headed out there a little earlier due to the amount of traffic I encountered the year before. Sitting in a 3 lane traffic jam for 2 hours not moving was something I didn’t want to go through again. I actually gave up last year, made a U-turn and started making my way back home. Aristo style continues to look good.

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We arrived there in record time, pulled up in one of the many outdoor car parks and came across the Bosozoku boys. If there’s any car event worth going to, these guys are there. I’ve never personally seen one of these in real life until this day and to be honest…I was kind of impressed!



We were spoilt for choice when we entered through the main gates, 3 large buildings and a large outdoor section to choose from. We picked one and decided to work our way round clockwise style. The first car to smack us in the face was this Mazda LM55 Vision Gran Turismo Concept….bit of a mouthful…


An R32 has always been a favourite of mine and this one which has been making the rounds at various shows would be a dream come true for me.


The fenders, the ducktail and that larger than life wing just suits this motor a treat.


It’s load and proud with its flagship member sat next door to the right of it, a fairlady Z33.


Anyone know of the k car scene in Japan? If you don’t, these cars come with an engine max size of up to a 660cc, sometimes with a turbo. These Honda S660’s are very popular here and people are going custom crazy with them right now.


I like it!


The Copen from Daihatsu is another k car that’s very common around this neck of the woods. This new model ( not that lovely young lass standing next to it ) can be ordered customized to your flavour.


Came accross this Toyota S-FR at the show too. Rumours have it that it will come with a 1.5L 128hp engine to compete with the Mazda Eunos/MX5/Miata, which ever you like to call it, and the likes.


I can see this being a little tuner’s delight not long from now.


The Toyota Crown GRS180 VIP rod can be a custom lover’s cruiser of choice in Japan. I almost got one and after I bought my car I started seeing all the nice body kits coming out on the market for the Crowns. I was gutted.


This was intersting. A Nissan 180SX drift missile with a Z34 front and…….


a Nissan Skyline 370/Infinti G37 arse. Looked alright in my eyes even though the front looked like it was struggling to stay/fit together.


There’s a Garage I drive past every Saturday morning that always has my attention as I cruise by, Garage Defend.


This R32 is an example of a little something they get up to in one of the two garages they have next to each other.


They have some impressive cars there such as S15s, R32s, R33s and this lovely R34. They sell some standard, light tuned and absolutely ridiculous powered cars there.


One of their mad creations but not heavily tuned from what I saw for sale ( like you really need to heavily tune one of these ) is this R35.

A few R35s were on display at this Autotrend event and I really liked the look of this one apart from the wheels. I would have gone with something different, maybe something not so pika pika as the say in Japan ( shiny, sparkly ).


I’ll just put up one more R35, this Mad Max battle prepared beast….


Pretty much every car show displays this GT86 from 326power so it wasn’t at all surprising to see it here. What was nice to see was their S15 which has been popping up more often recently.


Well, I’m going to leave it there for the photos. My camera was on overtime and the battery ran out just before I got back into the car for the drive home. Oh yeah, the car park shot as I was leaving that finally killed the battery.


Photos by: Giulio D’Aliesio

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