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This is a second part I’m doing for Nagoya Autotrend event, as the title suggests, consisting of some of the Euro and USDM cars that were on show. This 911 was clean, nothing ridiculously over the top by today’s tuning standards which is just my particular style. The 911 tuning scene is another favourite among the Rauh Welt style here. They all head out onto the highway around the city late night and let rip.


Topspeed brought their Dodge Challenger srt8…..FAT TIRES! Wasn’t sure whether this was to be used off-road, drag raced, to stalk other drivers on the road or to be set out to be used in a war.


Again, nothing too much over the top done to this but it looked aggressive. I was actually a bit scared taking photos of it to be honest. I couldn’t help but think it was going to knife me or something if I got any closer.


Now, I liked this a lot, the BMW i8 in this colour and with the Energy Motor Sport body styling that personally I think is the perfect styling that go on BMWs.


That front. YES PLEASE!


You can go and get your rocket bunny style fenders if you like, it does look nice but for me, this is how every BMW should look as standard. This styling just suits these cars so well it almost made me buy a BMW. The only reason I didn’t buy one is because of the running costs compared to jdm cars living in Japan.


After the long never ending dribbling over all the cars in the first building we decided to get some lunch. This consisted of exiting the building and venturing outside where we were greeted by a mixed line up of approximately 10-15 Infiniti cars. Then just poking out from the end of the restaurant building I could see some low pointed supercar like nose. Lunch was delayed.


Lamborghini and Ferrari heaven. If you ask me, there is no other sound more beautiful than Italian supercars. I’m sorry, I truly am but there really isn’t any other car manufacturer in the motor industry that produces a sound to match.


The Lamborghini Countach is a prime example of Italian motoring art. Just think how old this car is and, in my opinion, it has never once looked dated in all its life all the way up to today. The original supercar icon.



Can anyone name the silver car that is closest to the camera shot in the bottom right corner? Let’s see who knows their cars here. There’s not much to go by, just a door mirror, a small section of the wiper, the top section of the right front fender and a tiny section of the bonnet. You can check further down page if you’re correct but don’t cheat. Haha.


A Ferrari F355 Berlinetta which was the next model to follow the 348. For me this was the next jump up in Ferrari’s direction for the ultimate driver experience when they introduced paddle shift into their road cars.


The line up….. Now it was time for some lunch.


Back inside and we’re almost immediately face to face with 326power cars. On the previous Autotrend post I made for the jdm cars you may remember I mentioned this company and at the beginning of this post I mentioned about Rauh Welt.


Well here is another one of their toys, this Porsche 911


Anyone remember when it was apparently cool to have flames painted on your car, way back in the days? Well somebody has decided the paintwork fashion cycle for cars has come back round again. These old Corvettes are kind of alright and probably the right end of an era for flames to be placed on cars.


While we’re on the subject of paintwork, check out the job done on this Mini convertible.


Sleek cruiser M6 convertible for the summer anyone? I know I wouldn’t kick this out of bed for farting.


Old school Volkswagon Golf. These are a rare site in Japan, honestly I’d say I’ve only ever seen about 3 in my 14 years living here.


I love these E36 M3s with this kit on them. If I were to own one (I won’t own one though) I would most definitely have it looking like this, no ifs or buts about it.


This Golf was sweet. I like these universal fender flares they used on it and the bumper kit. I spoke to the guy that was displaying this car, he has these kits and some wheels (different wheels than the ones on this Golf) for sale so I decided to have a little chat with him about supplying us with some parts and we should hopefully be having these up for sale soon. Let us know if you’re interested, guys.


Well, that about wraps it up for this years Nagoya Autotrend.

Photos by: Giulio D’Aliesio

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