Aaron’s R32 GTS-t


Name: Aaron Cloa

Age: 28

City: Calgary, Alberta

Car: R32 Nissan Skyline

Occupation: Engineering Info Management


Wheels: 3PC Work Meisters

Chassis & Suspension: HKS Kansai strutbar, Stance coilovers, 22mm rear sway bar, Adjustable tension rods, Adjustable rear control arms, Nismo brace


Exterior parts: R32 GT-R with AB flug front lip, TBO sideskirts with custom CF lip, CF rear diffuser, S13 CF rocket bunny wing, Custom R32 halo headlights

Interior parts: Project Feint deep dish quick release steering wheel w/ suede finish, Top Secret gold floormats, Status Racing reclinable seats, Status Racing harnesses, NRG Harness bar


Tuning parts: RB30 block rebuilt, Chrome-Moly rings, Nismo oil pump, Nismo water pump, ACL race bearings, Cosworth head gasket, Modified RB25 head VTC delete, Tomei 260deg 9.15 lift, Yellow Jacket coilpacks, Tial 44mm wastegate, Borg Warner S300 turbo, Doc Race turbo manifold, Greddy top mount fuel rail, 1000cc injectors, Greddy plenum intake manifold, Mishimoto aluminium rad with dual fans, Mishimoto Oil cooler, Mishimoto Oil catch can, Mishimoto Coolant reservoir, HKS SSQV bov


EXHAUST: 3″ custom turbo back exhaust, 3″ Magnaflow dual pipe

PERFORMANCE ELECTRONICS: Link G4 standalone ECU, Greddy Profec electronic boost controller, STRI water temperature and boost gauges, AEM A/F wideband

Power: 575whp


What was your first modification?: My plan was to clean out the engine bay. It still is a work in progress but my first mod was a batt relocation kit.

What was your latest modification? My latest mod is RB30 engine and the widebody exterior

Do you have any more plans for this car? If so, what?: The car is nearing it’s final stages, no big plans coming at the moment.


If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: Nothing. I love it how it is.

Previously owned cars?: Acura Integra, Nissan Pulsar Gtir

What car would you like next?: R34 Nissan  Skyline


My passion for cars began in the early year of senior high school. I fell in love with the R32 and the R34 Skyline in my early enthusiast days. The sleek body, aggressive front end and signature tail lights caught my eyes, I told myself one day I will own one. Shortly after leaving high school, I bought one of my dream cars, the R32, and it felt like it was meant to happen. Hopefully I could get my hands on an R34 sometime in the future.


Photos by: @komicozze from @autorealist @braedendpark @403_streetdriven

Social network page/name: FB: Aaron Paul, IG: @acloa, Car Group: @51onefourteen

Giulio’s verdict: If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: Nothing. I love it how it is.” That’s exactly what I think and what Aaron said about buying one of his dream cars and how it was mean’t to be, I would love to get one as soon as possible before these things start becoming too expensive. For example, as I browse the websites here in Japan for Mean Eye WRX STi type R’s and the likes, they are all starting to creep up in value. The R32, this goes for all later Skyline models for that matter too, is just a dream to work on I would imagine. The problem that I would have, like with tattoos for some people, is knowing when to stop or at least not go overboard with it. Aaron seems to have reached and found that point where I would want to stop….but we all need a fix sooner or later I think and that itch might come to just do one more thing….and maybe another small thing……ok, just one more.

Aaron, I love your R32 how it is basically, definitely mean and definitely clean. I’m jealous.

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  1. 1+

    Any chance we can find out what the wide body consists of?

    Obviously R32 GTR Front Lip with AB Flug front lip, but curious as to the Front and/or Rear fender setup.

    Looking amazing! Hoping to take some inspiration from this.

    Keep it up, Definitely motivation for lots of 32 owners out there!

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