2016 Vancouver Auto Show pt.1



The Vancouver Auto Show is a must see for ALL Vancouver car enthusiasts. Cars at the show range from tuners, slammed, rat rods, super cars, concepts, as well as the brand new models car companies have to offer. My first time attending this show was in 2015 and I was shocked at the variety of cars on display. This year, I had the pleasure of working at the show and experiencing the beauty first hand. That being said, I didn’t have a lot of time to take quality pictures, but still had an awesome time.

This gallery begins with the modified exotic super cars. You’ll probably recognize a few that are very Instagram famous by now.

Now lets move onto the rest of the supercars at the show!

That wraps it up for the super cars! Check out part 2 to see all of the stanced and tuner whips at the show!

Photos by: John Christensen

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