Yoon’s Acura RSX type-s


Name: Patrick Emi Yoon (@emi.yoon)

Age: 25

City: Lynnwood, WA

Car: 2004 Acura RSX Type-S (DC5)

Occupation: Design/Fabricator

RSX type-s

Wheels: Gartmaiers by SSR, refaced with gold chrome vinyl, rebuilt to 18×9.5 in the front with a -32 offset, wrapped with 215/35/18, and 18×12 in the rears with a -29 offset with an additional -25 for the spacers, wrapped with 275/35/18.

Suspension: SPC camber arms, UAS bag sleeves over JSK coilovers, and a pieced together air management system for my air suspension.

Exterior parts: Isabelle Version II, My build from 2015, was vinyl wrapped with 3M 1080 Series gloss anthracite vinyl wrap, a custom built rocket bunny inspired widebody and trunk, custom LED dual projector headlights, custom splitters and diffuser, custom tri-tip exhaust, and knock off Mugen front and rear lips, and side skirts.

RSX type-s

Interior parts: Isabelle Version II setup did not have much to offer interior wise. Because I have a lot of friends in the VIP car scene, I was influenced to try a VIP style interior with custom dash trays, curtains, and Junction Produce pads. If anything were to be a “whoa” for the interior, it may have been my trunk setup. My trunk held my air tank vinyl wrapped with “Airizona”, as in the Arizona Iced tea, an unknown subwoofer (received from a friend, no name on it), and a Louis Vuitton monogram wrapped box, and a custom wood flooring. But to top things off, I had built a fish tank to sit at the top of my trunk, and of course, was for show use only.

Tuning parts: At the time, I didn’t have much tuning done other than a custom built straight pipe, headers and cat delete. The car had come with an AEM short ram intake, when first bought that I just decided to leave in. But other than that,  That’s about all that I could think of for that build T_T…

What was your first modification?: My first modification, well to this car would probably be HID kit? Haha, didnt know what path I wanted to take with the car back then. Just thought the car was a nice car for how it was, at the time.

RSX type-s

What was your latest modification?: Latest modification… Hmm… would probably be the whole car. Rewrapped to a new color, metal fabricated wide body, trunk and spoiler, refabricated front and rear bumper, and side skirts, new style exhaust and piping, redone trunk setup, refabricated and reupholstered interior, and about the begin working on engine bay dress up.

Do you have any more plans for this car? If so, what?: So far, I am considering not touching anything any more on this car, once the new build is complete, although I did want to supercharge it.. But thoughts may change.

If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: Probably not anything. I build my car how I want it and don’t look back. Sometimes I do get new ideas and want to make some changes, but with the new build coming, I think this will be it for the RSX.

Previously owned cars?: 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse & 1986 RX-7

What car would you like to buy next?: Acura TL? Acura TLX? Lexus IS250? Lexus RCF? Haha Not sure yet, but soon.

RSX type-s

I think I could say I’ve loved cars my whole life. As a baby, toys were cars. As a kid growing up, maybe some robots here and there, but CARS! Same goes for my love of art. I’ve been doing art, and drawing my whole life. and growing up, there were things that I wanted and couldn’t get, and things that I thought would be cool to have, but didn’t exist. So I started using paper and glue to craft and make those things. As I got into middle school, I started meeting some friends that were into cars, that taught me a little bit more about them. And while they would teach me, I would teach them how to draw cars. It was also another way for me to get a little something extra for lunch, by drawing cars for classmates, making a buck or two a day. As I got into high school, a friend and I attempted to build a Honda CRX out of cardboard, which was fun at the time. HAHAHAHA. But overall, as a youth, I loved cars, ALL CARS. I didn’t care for what country made what style it was. Whether it was a classic, muscle, rod, import, trucks, etc, everything. Just something about them excited me.

RSX type-s

Skip forward ten to fifteen years (because I could probably write a book), I could say I still hold to my love for cars, and the way I build mine. I began attending meets a few years back, and then tried shows, and one day a spark hit me saying, “I’m gonna go all out wild.” So I began building my own parts, and trying my own style. And yes, I’ve received a very large share of hate along the way, but honestly, it didn’t bother me. More of, helped me complete my project. As I see it, everyone has there own way of expressing their style, and also their opinions when it comes to cars, and I respect that. But at the same time, car enthusiasts should also respect each other when it comes to the same matter. No matter what style, form, or function, a love for cars is a love for cars. I want something no one else has, and I think that is what inspires me to build my car the way it is. I don’t like anyone touch my car, or helping me with the build, so I do everything myself. From all the custom build parts to the mechanical work, with the exception of some mechanical works and as an artist and designer, my car is my canvas, and my way to express myself. So thank you to those who have been supportive throughout my builds, and hopefully I can continue to bring out something new and different in the future.

Photos by: respectful owner.

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