Cathy’s 180SX drift missile


Name: Cathy Bui

Age: 22

City: Sydney, Australia

Car: 1994 Nissan 180sx

Occupation: Student Nurse


180sx from TithBrothers on Vimeo.



Wheels and suspension: Work VS-KF (18×9-4 18×9.5+14), BC/BR coilovers, S15 full 5 stud conversion, Hardrace adjustable camber and toe arms – rear, hard race castor arms – fronts.

Exterior parts: Resprayed LP2 midnight purple, Uras side skirts and rear bar , Works9 front bar, Origin Lab 25mm wide front guards, Halogen Headlights, 6000k HID, Type X tail lights, 15% Window Tint, Clear indicators, Work VS-KFs (18×9-4, 18×9.5+14), Carbon fibre cooling panel, “Drift and drag wings” drag wing, URAS rear voltex generators, Origin front + Side Canards



Interior parts: Bride Gias II Fixed back drivers seat, Bride Stradia II Reclinable passenger seat, Genuine bride rails, KLS Full Cage, New black carpet, Nardi classic 360mm, LED Cluster, 20mm metal gear knob, Sony head unit, Sparco quick release, Defi Gauges, Black Dash mat, 180sx floor mats, Carbon fibre wrapped centre console, Carbon fibre wrapped cluster, Origin carbon fibre rear seats.


What was your first modification?: The first first major modification done to the car was a respray

What was your latest modification?: The rb20det conversion

Do you have anymore plans for this car? If so, what?: My only next future planned mods for it is to just install a hydro handbrake, upgrade to r33 rear brake set up to assist with and improve my drifting. So next modifications will mainly be to have a better set up for drifting.



If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: To be honest I wouldn’t change anything on my car, I’m extremely happy with it.

Previously owned cars?: This is my first car. But I have previously owned two motorbikes – a Yamaha yzf -R15 and Honda CBR250rr

What car would you like to buy next?: Nothing of interest, but I would like to get my dream bike along with keeping my 180.



I had an fascination in my uncles 300kw Black Toyota supra when I was really young back in the 90s and his Suzuki gsx-R600. From there Japanese cars and sport bikes specifically really caught my attention all throughout highschool. It wasn’t until after highscholl I got my first motorbike because it was cheaper to run and but and that’s when I started going to car meets. Then when I met my boyfriend he was able to hook me up with an extremely cheap clean 180sx. And the modifications and passion mainly started there.

In 2014 my 180sx and my partners type x was featured in a popular Australian magazine called hot4’s. Then in the same year my car was used in a music video for a very popular Australian musician/DJ named DJ Havana Brown. In 2016, my car was featured in a video made by Tith Brothers and.

Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Cathy sure does have a nice 180 and something for a little inspiration for all of you that may need some on your build. I like it!

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