Terms & Conditions

  • Users must submit a valid email address to enable commenting on photos/contacting StancedUp/photo upload requests.


  •  Photos must be of good quality to be placed on StancedUp. StancedUp’s decision is final on the matter.


  •  Do not discriminate other people’s work. What is one person’s style might not be to other people’s liking but that is no reason to discriminate. If discrimination is found to be used we will  first contact that user as a warning. If the problem continues then that user will be banned.


  •  As much as we love our users sending in requests for their car to be uploaded, there may be a delay/we may have to limit the amount of photos that are uploaded due to the sheer volume of  requests. We apologise in advance for this but we will upload as many as possible.


  • Please refrain from repeatedly requesting features/uploads of your vehicle.