Joseph’s 370GT Skyline

3+ Car: 2008 Nissan Skyline 370gt sport Name: Joseph Yim Age: 4x City: Hong Kong Occupation: Creative Director Wheels: Avant Grade F141, Polished Copper With Chrome Lip & Mirror Turquoise Highlighted, Front Wheel: 20×10.5J -28 With Continental CSC5P 245/35/20, Rear Wheel: 20x12J -30 With Continental CSC5P 285/30/20, Stancenation Color Nuts With 9mm Long, 326 Power Value Caps from Japan Suspension: Accuair Read More

Random LibertyWalk visit

5+LibertyWalk has taken the stance world by storm and if you haven’t heard of the company or not even seen pictures of owner’s builds dressed up in a LBworks kit then…….you must be a newly born child. At the beginning of the summer this year I ventured out to my neighbouring prefecture to check out Read More

Jose’s Audi S5

6+ Name: Jose D Cruz Age: 26 City: Toronto, ON Car: 2009 Audi S5 Occupation: Construction Wheels: translucent copper wci 20×12 and 305 tire all around. Suspension: Airlift V2 Exterior parts: Full LibertyWalk wide body kit, carbon fiber hood, RS5 grill, full wrap including door jambs and trunk. Interior parts: Carbon fiber trim and paddle shifters Power: 354 Read More

Takeda-san’s CKV36 Skyline

5+名前: 竹田 一喜 Name: Takeda Ichiki (Kazuki Takeda) 歳: 26歳 Age: 26 県: 兵庫県 Prefecture: Hyogo 車: CKV36スカイ クーペ Car:  CKV36 Skyline coupe 仕事: 溶接 Occupation: welding ホイール: FORGIATO KATO-01 Wheel:  FORGIATO KATO-01 サスペンション: エアーサスペンション Air Rex Suspension:  Air suspension Air Rex エクステリアパーツ: LB WORKSボディキット Exterior parts: LB WORKS body kit チューニングパーツ: エアクリーナー、 クスコ タワーバー Tuning parts: Air cleaner, Cusco tower bar 一番最初のパーツ: クスコ タワーバー What was your first modification?: Cusco tower bar 次はこの車何する: ロールバー、 BRIDEバケットシート Do you have any Read More

Nagoya Wekfest 2016 pt.4

8+Welcome to the final part of our photo gallery from Nagoya Wekfest.   Well that wraps it up for photos from this year’s Wekfest. I hope you liked what you saw and don’t forget to let us know what was your favourite. See you at next year’s Nagoya Wekfest guys. Photos by: Giulio D’Aliesio

Nagoya Wekfest 2016 pt.3

9+Hope you’ve enjoyed the photos of Wekfest so far. Got to love a bit of classic porn now and then. Ladies…. We had a feature on this Z a little while back. Have a read of it if you haven’t already. I’ve never wanted an eg civic so much in my life! Love it! Photos Read More