Takuya-san’s S15 Silvia

4+車/Car: Silvia S15 名前/Name: Takuya Nakano 歳/Age: 23 県/Prefecture: Gunma, Japan 仕事/Occupation: Factory prototype specialist ホイール/Wheels: rays volkracing TE37V(F.17.9.5j‐15 R.17.10j‐20) サスペンション/Suspension: 326power チャクリキダンパーdamper (F.16k R.12k) エクステリアパーツ/Exterior parts: AERO ・GPSPORTS G‐SONIC ZERO ONE + D1CANARD, BONNET ・ORIGIN.Labo type2, FENDER ・normal, WING ・326power 満力ウイング/326power rear wing. インテリアパーツ/Interior parts: seats ・BRIDE DIGO type‐R, steering ・NARDI classic, meter ・Defi ・boost・water temp, shift knob ・NISMO Read More

Kay’s R32 GTR

3+ Name: Kay Ng Age: 23 City: Calgary Car: Nissan Skyline GTR R32 Occupation: Apprentice mechanic  All started with a “89 Silvia”. After spending countless cold days in the garage building it with my brother, I said to myself “am I building the right car”? Weeks later, I sold it and went to get a Skyline! Read More

Koya-san’s Lancer Evo IX

3+名前:/Name: Koya Arase 歳:/Age: 19 県:/Prefecture: Yamaguchi 車:/Car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX 仕事:/Occupation: Student ホイール:/Wheels: Work Meistar m1 サスペンション:/Supension: KYB エクステリアパーツ:/Exterior parts: Voltex wide bodykit インテリアパーツ:/Interior parts: Prodrive. dife3 連 BRIDE チューニングパーツ:/Tuning parts: Boost up パワー:/Power: About 400ps 次はこの車何する:/Do you have any more plans for this car?: サーキット仕様に変更する予定 / Plan on making it all to circuit spec. この車は変わりたいのものある:/If Read More

Mark’s FRS

7+ Name:  Mark Cowans Age: 34 City: San Diego, CA Car: 2014 Scion FRS Occupation:  United States Navy Wheels: 18×9.5/11 SSR SP1 Suspension:  Airlift Performance struts with Airlift 3P management, Cusco LCA, Cusco trailing arms, Cusco toe arms, AEM front strut bar, Cusco rear strut bar Exterior parts: Rocket Bunny Version 1, Nur Spec from Read More

Valentin’s HR34 Skyline

6+Name: Valentin Age: 29 City: Krasnoyarsk, Russia Car: GF-HR34 Occupation: railroad engineer Wheels: Rays volk racing te37sl (replica) 10,5jj et+15 255/35/18 dunlop direzza at front, 265/35/18 Westlake sport rs at rear. Suspension: AJS coilovers, rear breakup levers N1. Exterior parts: Widebody Nismo z-tune, front bumper rear bumper side skirts URAS, BOMEX spoiler, pad on the Read More

Budziosz’s 300ZX TT

7+Name: Matt Budziosz Age: 28 City: Toronto, Canada Car: 1990 300ZX TT Widebody Occupation: Doing racecar things with my racecar friends Exterior parts: -RS Performance Type 3 Carbon Fiber Nosepanel -RS Performance Carbon Fiber Fog Ducts -WinFactory CSL-R Spoiler Lip (Molded) -Stillen Type III Front Lip (Molded) -Customized OEM NA to TT Front Bumper -Kaminari Read More

Kagawa-san’s S13 Onevia

4+ Name: Toshiyuki Kagawa Age: ? City: Kyoto Car: Onevia Nissan Silvia S13 Occupation: ? Wheels: WORK EMOTION CR ”Kiwami ”18inch vivid pink&Gold ORIGINAL COLOR wheels Suspension: Final Konnexion coilover suspension Exterior parts: Spirit-rei Front & Side Diffuser ”Kamikaze ”, WONDER Front Bumper, WONDER Side Skirts, Origin labo +20mm Front Fenders, Origin labo +55mm Rear Fenders, Origin labo Roof Wing, Origin labo Carbon Side Visor, Origin labo Aero Mirror, D-MAX Read More

Adachi-san’s ER34

6+名前/Name: Adachi Tomoaki 歳/Age: 25 県/Prefecture: Kanagawa 車/Car: NISSAN SKYLINE ER34 仕事/Occupation: Car manufacturing ホイール/Wheels: URAS NS01 サスペンション/Suspenson: HKS HyperMAX-Ⅲ エクステリアパーツ/Exterior parts: FR,Side,RR Bumper_URAS typeGT, FR FDR_URAS typeR, Hood_staut for 34GTR, Wing_URAS, Head light_Hand made, Tail light_Hand made, etc…. インテリアパーツ/Interior parts: Seat_BRIDE(FR both side) etc…. チューニングパーツ/Tuning parts: Turbo_HKS 2535GT, Cooling system_BLITZ Intercooler, TRUST oil cooler, OOSUMI radiator etc…. 一番最初のパーツ/What was your first modification?: HKS HyperMAX-Ⅲ 直近のパーツ/What was your latest Read More

Kohei Goto’s V8 S14

7+名前/Name: Kohei Moja Goto 歳/Age: 34 県/Prefecture: Mie 車/Car: Silvia S14 仕事/Occupation: Food manufacturing industry ホイール/Wheels: Work wheels Meister M1 18in front 11j rear 12j サスペンション/Suspension: Otas Cars custom made エクステリアパーツ/Exterior parts: Nissan OEM Kouki aero(lip,side,rear),Custom made front fender(full metal work),BNsports rear fender,OEM sun roof(I changed roof),326power LED red tail lamp インテリアパーツInterior parts: S15 dash panel,Fatrace × Vertex steering wheel,Bride full backet seat,Status Racing Read More

Kiyotaka-san’s S13

3+名前: 福冨 清圭 Name: Kiyotaka Fukutomi 歳: 29  Age: 29 県: 愛知県  Prefecture: Aichi 車: Nissan silvia s13 Car: Nissan Silvia S13 仕事: ばね製造  Occupation: Spring manufacturing ホイール/Wheels: WORK MEISTER S1R (F 18×10.5-22  R 19×10.5-22) サスペンション: GPsports (F 20k Spring   R 18k Spring )タイロッド(Ikeya Formula)ナックル(one-off)リアアッパーアーム(yanack)トラクションロット(D-MAX)リアメンバーカラー(yanack)オフセット トーコントロール(Super spec) LSD(Nismo) Suspension: GPsports (F 20k Spring R 18k Spring) tie rod (Ikeya Formula) knuckle (one-off) Read More