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Kazuyuki-san’s Blob Eye

名前: 大嶋 一行 Name: Oshima kazuyuki 年: 27 Age: 27 県: 栃木県 Prefecture: Tochigi 車: スバル インプレッサ Car: Subaru Impreza WRX STi GDB-E 仕事: パン屋さん Work: Bakery ホイール: GRB純正オプションBBSホイール 18х8.5j offset+55 Wheels: GRB genuine option BBS wheel 18х8.5j offset + 55 サスペンション: プロドライブサスペンションキットF12k R8k Suspension: Prodrive suspension kit F12k R8k エクステリア: フロント: チャージスピード, フロント: ハーフスポイラー, サイド: チャージスピード サイドスポイラー, リア: 純正オプション リアアンダースポイラー (subaru option rear under Read More

Jose’s Audi S5

Name: Jose D Cruz Age: 26 City: Toronto, ON Car: 2009 Audi S5 Occupation: Construction Wheels: translucent copper wci 20×12 and 305 tire all around. Suspension: Airlift V2 Exterior parts: Full LibertyWalk wide body kit, carbon fiber hood, RS5 grill, full wrap including door jambs and trunk. Interior parts: Carbon fiber trim and paddle shifters Power: 354 What Read More

2016 Luxury Supercar Weekend

It’s safe to say that this years Luxury Supercar Weekend was a success. Great food, great people, and most of all-great cars. Boasting some of the more expensive cars that Vancouver has to offer like the Bugatti Chiron and the carbon fibre Pagani Huayra. The show also offered a wide array of modified cars sporting Read More