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From Russia with Love

Name: Max Zheleznyak Age: 25 City: Russia, Pyatigorsk Car: Subaru Impreza WRX 2002 Always wanted since NFS some hot boxer doll and I recently bought it. From the very beginning, I wanted a static drop on deep wheels, no replica, only real wheels. Roads in Russia leave much to be desired, therefore, continue to torment the Read More

Hoang’s Lexus IS350

Name: Anh Hoang Age: 24 City: San Jose, CA Car: 2014 Lexus IS350 F-Sport Occupation: Tesla Wheels: AL13 Wheels Suspension: Airrex and Accuair Exterior parts: Rowen TommyKaira bodykit, Sakir Orange custom paint, Wald trunk molded Interior parts: Vipdout Junction Produce, Carbon Fiber steering wheel, wrap cherry red headliner, full LED light Tuning parts: Injen intake, Read More

Hiyama-san’s RX8

名前/Name: Yuya Hiyama 歳/Age: 19 県/City: Japan ibaraki 車/Car: Mazda RX8 仕事/Occupation: Management ホイール/Wheels: Work zeast st1 サスペンション/Suspension: Largs specS インテリアパーツ/Interior: LEGsports shiftboots   from now on チューニングパーツ/Tuning: Rear towerbar(LAILE) muffler(Rmagic) catalyzer (SARD) CPU(REamemiya) エクステリアパーツ/Exterior: Front(WEBERsports) side(WEBERsports) rear(WEBERsports) frontlight(DIY) eyeline(Rmagic) 一番最初のパーツ/What was your first modification?: Eyeline(Rmagic) 直近のパーツ/What was your latest modification?: Full aero kit (WEBERsports) 次はこの車何する/Do you have any more plans for this car? If so, what?: Rear spoiler Read More