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KUHL Racing is a company based in Aichi prefecture, Japan. They mostly produce body styling parts also sale new and a few used cars with their brand kits added. Their most famous design is on this Nissan GTR, probably world famous by now.

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If you get up close you can really see the detail put into this unique design that has made appearances at pretty much every car show worthy of displaying such masterpieces.

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That front end… Personally I wouldn’t want to drive this as it would require constant cleaning from all the dirt and insect bodies splattered all over the front. It’s just too….pika pika as they say in Japan ( glistening/sparkling ). BUT, have you seen its cousin suited up in black?

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It shares the same front and rear bumper but they decided to offer a slender boot spoiler instead of the swan style wing and, in my opinion, did the right thing by leaving out that diamond and paisley design on the body.

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It almost seems to have that slight VIP style to it and along with those wheels it’s sitting sleek but with all the grunt it needs to say “Yeah, I’m looking all sweet and fragile but I’ll kick your ass and you know I will”.

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Now I’ve personally never seen one of these out and about in the wild so if any of you happen to come across one on your daily drive around town, send it in to us and let us know where you saw it.

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Those wheels, guys! Especially those sick 5 spokes. WANTING!

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