Yamamoto-san’s Skyline Coupe


名前: Yoshihiko Yamamoto

Name: Yoshihiko Yamamoto

歳: 34歳

Age: 34

県: 兵庫県

City: Hyogo, Japan

車: スカイラインCPV35

Car: Skyline CPV35

仕事: 運送

Occupation: Transportation

Skyline CPV35

Skyline CPV35

ホイール: ゼニスライン

Wheels: ZenithLine

サスペンション: ワンオフ

Suspension: One-off build

Skyline CPV35

Skyline CPV35

Skyline CPV35

エクステリアパーツ: 各部スムージング

Exterior parts: Front lip, smoked lights, one-off exhaust, some smoothing on the bodywork here and there and my rear wing is made partly from a Toyota Soarer.

インテリアパーツ: ほぼ純正

Interior parts: Pretty much all standard apart from the MOMO steering-wheel.

Skyline CPV35

Skyline CPV35

Skyline CPV35

Skyline CPV35


一番最初のパーツ: 車高調

What was your first modification?: Harmonic drive

直近のパーツ: ホイール

What was your latest modification?: Wheels

Skyline CPV35

次はこの車何する: アウトリップ

Do you have any more plans for this car? If so, what?: “Out lip”… (I’m guessing here that he’s talking about the wheels).

この車は変わりたいのものある: 全塗装

If you could change anything on this car, what would it be and why?: The paintwork.

Skyline CPV35

Skyline CPV35

Skyline CPV35

前の車何があた: オデッセイRB1

Previously owned cars?: Honda Odyssey RB1

次の車は何が欲しい: アウディA5

What car would you like next?: Audi A5

Photos by: Giulio D’Aliesio

Giulio’s verdict: Yet another Skyline coupe added to our collection. This one belongs to a friend of the previous Skyline we featured last week with the LibertyWalk kit on it. The old and the new side by side with quite different looks. I think this caught my attention because of how it was put together. As you can see, if you read about this car, he has certain parts of the body altered through the form of “smoothing”, using parts from other car makes and models plus putting together “one-off” parts such as the suspension and exhaust system. Unique in different ways is what Yamamoto-san has done with his build and that is all good in my book. Personally I’m not so keen on the design of the headlights on this shape and all round, I would have to say I prefer the shape after this model but I respect what he’s done to this.

If you want to check out/keep up to date with his car then you can find him on Instagram @yuka.y10y

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