Tsuyano-san’s Nissan Juke

名前: Tsuyano
Name: Tsuyano
県: 茨城県
Prefecture: Ibaraki
車: Nissan Juke 16GT four
Car: Nissan Juke 16GT four
ホイール: 右→WORK emotion CR kiwami 19×10.5j  左→WORK emotion D9R19×10.5j
Wheels: Right side Work Emotion CR kiwami 19×10.5j  Left side Work Emotion D9R19x10.5j
サスペンション: RS☆R + 短縮加工バネ
Suspension: RS-R + shortened working springs
エクステリアパーツ: akebonoブレーキ、純正フロントアンダーカバー、thuleルーフキャリア
Exterioir parts: Akebono brake, genuine front under cover, Thule roof carrier
 一番最初のパーツ: サスペンション
What was your first modification?: Supension
直近のパーツ: ルーフキャリア
What was your latest modification?: Roof-rack
次はこの車何する: ホイール変えたい!
Do you have any more plans for this car? If so, what?: Change the wheels
この車は変わりたいのものある: 左ハンドルにしたい(笑)
If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: I want to change it to a left hand drive
前の車何があた: Honda Accord 、Nissan Stagea
Previously owned cars?: Honda Accord 、Nissan Stagea
次の車は何が欲しい: Mini truck!coupe! etc….
What car would you like next?: Mini truck!coupe! etc….
車が好きなのは小さい頃から。兄の影響でミニカーで遊んでました。免許を取り2年が過ぎたあたりに『Fast&Furious』が公開されて、ますますのめり込んだ。その時乗っていたSTAGEAには、映画の中のシビックみたいにアンダーLEDをつけて友達と無駄に走ってた(笑)  そこからSNSにハマり、車いじりの情報量も増えてきて、趣味の割合を大きく占めるものになりました。
I have been interested in cars since I was a child playing with toy cars with my older brother. Passed my driving test about two year after Fast & Furious came out, he devoted more and more. At that time was I was driving a Nissan Stagea. Now cars modification has become a larger part of my life……
Sorry guys, I got a bit lost in translation on this one so I cut it a bit short.
写真撮った人の名前: Instagram @ryo.taniuchi @masa.510 @gaku_370z
Photos by: Instagram @ryo.taniuchi @masa.510 @gaku_370z
ソーシャル・ネットワークの名前かページ:Instagram @tsuyano._.g
Your social network page/name:Instagram @tsuyano._.g
Giulio’s verdict: It’s a Nissan Juke and it’s clean. Apart from the Nismo spec Juke, not sure what else you can do to these but Tsuyano-san has pulled off a nice version here. I like the green touches here and there, the wheels are a nice choice and so is she from what I’ve seen of her in some photos!
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