Than’s Genesis


Name: Than Wit

Age: 21

City: Los Angeles

Car: 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8

Occupation: Student/Waiter


Wheels: Watercooledind LP1

Suspension: Airlift air suspension, Parts shop max camber and toe arms, ISR arms



Exterior parts: Ark solus front bumper, Remakeauto wide body kit, 326POWER wing, Ark diffuser, Custom made splitter, Black rose vinyl wrap

Interior parts: wearelikewise shift knob



What was your first modification?: First modification was actually wrapping my roof black

What was your latest modification?: Latest modification would be new headlights, but wont be the last


Do you have any more plans for this car? If so, what?: Currently changing the whole car up again. Will have a new body kit, wheels, color. Planning to work on interior after that.

If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: I would love to change my engine to the 2.0t so I could make more power.


Previously owned cars?: Nothing special. This car was the car that got me into all this.

What car would you like next?: This is a hard choice but to narrow down some would be; BMW M4, 1990s Porsche, maybe even an audi


I was never into the car scene until I bought this car. Bought the wrong model because i didn’t know anything about them. At first i tried making this one (3.8 V6) go faster. Added all the bolt on’s and what not, even tuned it. It didn’t make much more. After more research I found out it would cost a lot more than the 2.0t to be at the same whp. Well then i gave up on power and decided to just make the car look good.

Here I am now with this stanced up mobile. Its not even done but I plan to finish it this year, 2017. I’ve met some great people in the car scene aswell. Some I can call family. Its funny cus I met my best friend now, at a car wash. Also the family at Clean Culture are the best. We would have bbq, cruises, shows, and even help each other out at times of needs. Thats what I love about the car scene the most, meeting the right people and just having a good time together. That is why I am so passionate about all this.



Photos by: Jackson Pradhan  @phamousjayy

Your social network page/name: @hugetan on IG

Giulio’s verdict: I’ve only ever seen one Genesis in Japan and that was at Wekfest in Nagoya last year. Now, personally not being a fan of Hyundai cars, maybe that’s just due to the lack of knowledge I have of them, I actually quite like this model. What Than has done to this has just made this appealing to me. Honestly, I can’t fault one thing that he’s decided to go with here. Ok, wheels aren’t my style but doesn’t look out of place at all…they almost made me stop and think for a minute. Who knows, it may just take a little bit of time to grow on me like with a lot of things that grow on us. They are looking good on here though…actually, I’ve just come back to edit this post and they are already starting to grow on me.

I really do love the complete form of this Genesis and it makes me want to go out and buy one right now! Awesome work Than, you’ve got two thumbs from me!

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