Takeda-san’s CKV36 Skyline


名前: 竹田 一喜

Name: Takeda Ichiki (Kazuki Takeda)

歳: 26歳

Age: 26

県: 兵庫県

Prefecture: Hyogo

車: CKV36スカイ クーペ

Car:  CKV36 Skyline coupe

仕事: 溶接

Occupation: welding

CKV36 Skyline



CKV36 Skyline

CKV36 Skyline

CKV36 Skyline

サスペンション: エアーサスペンション Air Rex

Suspension:  Air suspension Air Rex

CKV36 Skyline

CKV36 Skyline

エクステリアパーツ: LB WORKSボディキット

Exterior parts: LB WORKS body kit

CKV36 Skyline

CKV36 Skyline

CKV36 Skyline

チューニングパーツ: エアクリーナー、 クスコ タワーバー

Tuning parts: Air cleaner, Cusco tower bar

一番最初のパーツ: クスコ タワーバー

What was your first modification?: Cusco tower bar

CKV36 Skyline

CKV36 Skyline

次はこの車何する: ロールバー、 BRIDEバケットシート

Do you have any more plans for this car? If so, what?: Roll bar and BRIDE bucket seats

前の車何があた:  オデッセイ RB-2

Previously owned cars?: Honda Odyssey RB-2

CKV36 Skyline

次の車は何が欲しい: V36スカイラインクーペ 86

What car would you like next?: V36 Skyline Coupe 86

CKV36 Skyline

A long time ago my dad drove a Nissan Z32 and my brother is driving a GTR-34 so I think this pushed me toward buying a Skyline.

Photos by: Giulio D’Aliesio

Giulio’s verdict: Well I’m sure a majority of you out there are quite familiar with this LB-Works Skyline. Another popular one that has made the rounds in numerous magazines and websites and occasionally alongside this blue one is a red version which we have photos of from our Wekfest coverage. In my eyes this car is just a dream. I love the lines, the colour and how all round deliciously clean it is. Nissan’s Skyline has been an iconic car in almost every shape it’s produced since it’s debut and in my opinion, this is no exception. I’m looking forward to see what Kazuki-san’s next project will be.

If you’d like to keep up to date on Kazuki-san’s build you can check out his facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/kazuki.takeda.3348?fref=ts

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