Subaru Impreza uk2000


Name: James Kirsop

Age: 28

City: Watford/UK

Car: UK2000

Occupation: Refit manager


I work hard traveling the country weeks on end and there’s nothing better than coming home and untucking my car, working on her, cleaning her, and taking her out.

I’m part of a car group called Herts Scooby Crew and we attend every show possible and also do charity events.


Wheels and suspension: 18″ Calibre GT-R with Tein lowering springs and STI shocks, Alloy wishbones, Uprated droplinks

Interior parts: Momo steering wheel, STI gear knob and short shifter, Centre gauge pod with 3 gauges , Boost/oil temp/oil pressure, Dash is lime green, Blue interior lights, New age front seats


Tuning parts: Vf35 turbo, Induction kit, 440cc injectors, 3″ full decat exhaust, Walbro 255 fuel pump, Ngk7 plugs, 3 port boost solenoid, Autobahn FMIC, AlcaTek ECU with l/c n a/l,                      She produces 330bhp and 300lb torque at the wheels, Running the RA DCCD gearbox in it with matching diff.

Exterior parts: New age blob eye front bumper on a classic with STI winglets / STI fog covers / STI splitter, Gt spec rear spoiler, STI rear lights, Crystal headlamps/ sidelights/ repeaters, Colour coded skirts and mirrors, Bonnet risers, STI 8 front scoop, Aftermarket induction scoop, Aftermarket tow hook, Front and rear strut braces, Alloy bonnet, Few subtle stickers


What was your first modification?: First mod was getting a set of nice alloys on her – original set didn’t do it justice.

What was your latest modification?: Latest mod is the new age blob eye front bumper. Only took 4 months to complete due to the cutting and fitting that’s required for it to fit a classic gc8.


Do you have anymore plans for this car? If so, what?: Tuning wise, I’m going for a 2.1 stroker engine with rotated setup and fitting swirl pot for track days – hoping for over 500bhp.            For visual, I want a 22b kit.

If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: I’d change it from 4 door to 2 door, because 2 door just looks so much smoother down the sides.


Previously owned cars?: Subaru Impreza uk2000 facelift, Subaru Impreza WRX import, Subaru Impreza uk2000 prefacelift, Mk4 Golf GT TDI, Mk5 Fiesta zetec s, Mazda rx8, Mk5 Fiesta zetec s

What car would you like to buy next?: I want a mustang which I can restore.


My passion for cars started young like every young boy watching their older brothers with their cars and reading max power. But I really got into it all when I went to Sweden. My boss needed someone to drive his recently supercharged van that just had £15’000 spent on it in engine tuning. Since then I can’t drive a car without feeling that power.

My cars been built by me and rarely had anyone else touch it. She’s my pride and passion
Hope you enjoy ?


To keep up with Jame’s build, follow him on Instagram @jamiekirsop





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