Steven’s Mitsubishi Evo X


Name: Steven Killeen

Age: 38

City: Melbourne, Australia

Car: Mitsubishi Evo X

Occupation: Warehouse Manager


Wheels: Volk TE37RT Black Edition, 18×11

Suspension: Aragosta Type S coilovers


Exterior parts: Chargespeed Widebody fenders, rear bumper, side skirts and mirrors. Varis 09 front bumper, Voltex type 9 rear spoiler, Valdi sport carbon hood, Eagle eyes headlights and tail lights.

Interior parts: 10.2″ Android head unit, ATI gauge pod, AEM wideband afr, boost and oil pressure gauges.




Tuning parts: GSC S1 cams, FIC 1100 injectors, DW300C fuel pump, GT Pumps 712 turbine, MAP short runner manifold, Turboxs dump pipe, ETS test pipe, HKS Hi Power catback, ETS intake (wrinkle black), ETS Intercooler and full piping (wrinkle black) and NGR Performance BOV

Power: E85@400+AWHP



What was your first modification?: Exhaust, its always the first mod I do to any car.

What was your latest modification?: Swapping out all my plazmaman gear to full ETS intake, intercooler and piping.



Do you have any more plans for this car? If so, what?: Drive and enjoy.. my path for modification on this one is over. Maybe the color again further down the track.. but I’m enjoying it right now.

If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: The fuel economy! ha ha 🙂


Previously owned cars?: 2001 WRX STI, 1985 Mitsubishi Starion and a 1984 Mitsubishi Cordia.

What car would you like next?: R35 and make it unique.. like how I’ve done with this.


I didn’t really get into the whole car scene until i was in my mid-twenties, My first turbo car was the Cordia and then I joined up with a internet forum club and started attending meets and have never really looked back. I then got the Starion and then the STI.. joining different clubs and attending different meets. Now its pretty much car meets and events every weekend and I would have it no other way.


Photos by: @wizorphotography @fueledbykhang

Your social network page/name: Instagram @_evolx_

Giulio’s Verdict: I’ve personally always liked the Lancers along with the Impreza. I know the love hate that people have among these owners and since I bought my first Subaru (Legacy 2002 Blitzen model) I loved it and my love in general for Subaru grew with the zero problems I had while in possession of it. It was the best all round car I have owned. However, there was always that little question in the back of my head though…I wonder how the Mitsubishi is in comparison? I know my car wasn’t an Impreza but built on a similar design and similar engine setup (mine being twin turbo though), I always found myself thinking, should I go for a Mitsubishi next?

We all read up about cars that we’re curious about or interested in buying next and while reading about the Lancer there was always one thing that came up….the maintenance. A majority of people said that it was financially more expensive to run a Lancer, how true that really is I don’t know. You either love cars and are willing to throw money at your build or you’re not. I would definitely buy one now if I had the cash, especially the older Evo V/VI (they have always been my favourites).

What Steven has here is nice. I’m very into the looks of the Evo X and just how clean Steven has kept it, exactly the route I would take if I owned one of these precious gems. Love it, Steve! Well done mate, you’re pushing me towards that Mitsubishi purchase more and more.

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