Shane’s R32 GTS-t


Name: Shane Newhook

Age: 31

City: Calgary, Alberta

Car: 91 Skyline GTS-t

Occupation: Truck driver


Wheels: 18″ x 9 xxr 521

Suspension: Megan full adjustable coil over 32way front rear strut bars, sway bars


Exterior parts: Full DoLuckbody kit, Gt style side mirrors, Carbon fiber canards front rear, Seibon carbon hood, Seibon carbon trunk lid, Ganeric brand Carbon fiber window spoiler, Ganeric brand carbon fiber GTR spoiler with carbon fiber lip, Led tail lights



Interior parts: Driver Recaro… GTR passenger seats, Takata harness, Blox harness bar, Custom brace bars back seat, Nrg carbon fiber wheel , Nrg quick release hub, Gt style rear view mirror, Rear seat remove, Sub box and custom cover installed, Greddy profec boost controller; Boost, wide band, temp, batt guages



Tuning parts: Rb 25 full swap driveline tranny custom harness, Nistune ecu, Nismo front face intake, Sard fuel rail fpr, 630cc injectors, 3 1/2 Inch stright exhaust , Big front mount intercooler , Removed rear Hicis whole system .. Ac …clutch fan. Use (2 x 12 electric fans)

Power:  Dyno put down 270 hp @ 260ftlb 8psi (boost solenoid crash) now running 13psi boost stock turbo



What was your first modification? My first was believe it not, the rb25 swap….ran the stock rb20 for 1 year before I made my mind up of which way to go.

What was your latest modification?: Was the Nismo intake injectors and sard rail.

Do you have any more plans for this car? If so, what?: Yes I do have lots of left to do on my list….bigger turbo exhaust manifold, new seats, roll cage, would like get new rims and mostly a nice set of brakes

If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: Well I’d change the paint cause because it’s not my favorite, would like more of a Candy apple red but that’s it.


Previously owned cars?: I had a 94 Nissan Silvia that got ran over by a 4×4 ?

What car would you like next?: I’d like to have a 4 door Skyline for the family haha, when they come.

Well my names Shane, I’m 31 and I’ve been in the car scene in general and not just tuners since I was young. I use to restore old hot rods with my grandfather which is where my passion started. Growing up my dream car has always been a Skyline and I feel honored to actually own one now.


Photos by: Autorealist, myself and friends

Your social network page/name: Snap chat: shanenewhookr32, Instagram: Skyline_shane, Facebook: shane newhook

Giulio’s verdict: Another Skyline GTS-t owner from the 51onefourteen crew. This one has a lovely RB25 conversion and some other upgrades to give it that bit more of “get up and go” under the hood and I like the little touch Shane has done to those rear lights. This build looks ready for either a sweet little cruise around town or for hitting a nice drift circuit. Shane has spent time, money and hard work into putting this together all without the help of “sponsors”, something to take note of when you look at your build. “Built for you, by you”.

The BNR32 is a wicked car and one that planted Nissan massively on the sick motor map, whether it’s a GTR, GTS-t, GTS 25 or any other spec, they’re all a classic and anyone should feel privileged to own one in my book. Nice build Shane, look forward to seeing future mods.

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    Huge shout out to stancedup for the feature truly appreciate it this opportunity to show my car off thanks to the family 51onefourteen for the support .

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