Nick’s Integra GS-R


Name: Nick Poulopoulos

Age: 37

City: Victoria, BC. Canada

Car: 1994 Integra GS-R

Occupation: Carpenter


Wheels: 16×8 Avant Garde F121 Polished Candy Turquoise

Suspension: ,Skunk2 Pro-S V.2 coilovers, Skunk2 front pro plus camber kit, Skunk2 rear camber kit, MPC EG/DC 2″ drop forks, MPC “Snow White Edition” strut braces, Hardrace Front LCA’s, Godspeed rear X-Brace, Polished ASR Subframe Brace, ASR 24mm Sway bar, ASR End Links, Energy Suspension polyurethane Master Bushing kit, Energy suspension Polyurethane RTA bushings, Buddy club extended lower BJ’s (RCA’s)


Exterior parts: 2000 JDM Front End conversion, Mugen Gen 1 Wing, Authentic C-west front half spoiler with Custom hand fabricated ABS/CF wrapped front splitter designed and fabricated in my garage. (BlazinAero), Advan CF Roof visor (only when wingless), Authentic Azect side skirts with Custom Hand fabricated ABS/CF wrapped side diffusers designed and fabricated in my garage.(BlazinAero), Authentic C-West Side skirts, Top 1 motors 98 spec DC2 rear diffuser, Custom hand Fabricated ABS License plate angler Bracket paint matched Frost white (Blazin Aero), First Molding Kevlar Flugel Plate, First Molding Kevlar Canards, Custom air intake ducts, JDM intersection lights, JDM Smoked Amber Side Markers, JDM Type R Doors, JDM Type R Side Mirrors, Shaved Front bumper, Shaved Rear Quarter Moldings, Shaved Antenna, Shaved Rear Hatch, Rear Wiper Delete, Front wiper Delete, Phillips 8k HID kit, JDM yellow fogs, 98-01 tail lights, SONAR Clear Blue Taillights, SONAR Clear Blue side markers, 98-01 rear bumper, Benen rear tow hook, Downstar LE Neochrome spike lugs, Downstar Billet Valve stem spikes, Downstar Wiper Delete Spikes, Downstar Licence plate Hardware, Skunk2 License plate frame Paint matched Frost White


Interior parts: Mugen DC2 Gauge Cluster, JDM Type R Red Recaro Seats, JDM Type R Door Panels, JDM Type R Center console, JDM fog light switch, JDM Airbag Delete tray, JDM Armrest Delete, JDM Type R shifter boot, JDM Type R shifter plate, CF Airbag Delete tray, K-Tuned Pro Circuit short shift, Skunk2 Shift Knob, NvUS Polished Copper Shift Knob 69/100, Takata 4 point harnesses, Neochrome steering wheel bolts, Nardi Personal Neo Grinta steering wheel, Momo Tuner  Steering wheel, NRG Neochrome/white Luminor Wheel, NRG Neochrome Weighted Shift nob, NRG Neochrome/Chrome quick release V2.8, NRG Neochrome/Black Wuick release V2.8, NRG Neochrome Quick release Lock, NRG Neochrome E-Brake Handle, NRG Black short hub adapter.


Tuning parts: B18C1, Fully shaved bay, JDM CTR trans w/LSD 4.4fd, JDM CTR shift linkage, Energy susp. shift linkage bushing, Competition clutch Stage 2 clutch, Competition clutch 8lb flywheel, Rywire Millspec Tucked engine harness, Hasport polyurethane motor mounts, KillerGlass 80mm Velocity stack Intake, Custom Polished SS Intake pipe, Killerglass Upper and Lower Glass Rad hose, GSR valve cover shaved/polished, NeoChrome spark plug cover, Spoon Spark Plug Wires, Hondata Thermal IM gasket, Skunk2 Pro Intake Manifold Polished, Skunk2 Pro series 70mm Throttle Body, Skunk2 Alpha Full Radiator, Skunk2 radiator Cap, Skunk2 Pro Titanium Cam gears, Skunk2 VTEC solenoid, Skunk2 magnetic trans and oil plugs, Mishimoto Aluminum fan shroud, Mishimoto Dual Slim fans, JJIP Billet shift mount bushing, MPC Billet Battery tray and tie down, MPC Billet polished Fuel Rail, Custom Battery relocate wiring Kit, Downstar VTEC Cap Turquoise, Downstar VTEC Spike kit, Downstar Billet Cam seal Turquoise, Downstar Baby spikes x11, Downstar Average spikes x9, Downstar Lil spikes x4, Downstar Big Spikes x4, Downstar Front Tie bar Hardware, Downstar Slave Cylinder Hardware, Downstar Alternator Hardware, Downstar Distributor Hardware, Downstar VTEC pressure switch plug, Downstar B series engine hardware Kit, Downstar complete mount hardware kit, Downstar complete trans hardware kit, Downstar Rack to Subframe Hardware, Downstar Front LCA Hardware, Downstar Billet Firewall Plug Kit, Downstar Tuckin Clutch line kit, Downstar Tuckin fuel line kit, Downstar Tuckin Brakes Kit, Downstar Boltless Brake boost delete plate, Downstar Boltless clutch adapter plate, Downstar Billet (WMC) reservoir Cap, Wilwood 5/8″ MC, Wilwood 7/8″ MC, Neochrome Extended Intake studs and nuts, Neochrome fender washers x18, Neochrome flush mount bolts x18, Neochrome Cooling Plate, Neochrome 14mm nuts x8, Neochrome Fuel Rail, Neochrome extended IM studs, Neochrome 12mm nuts x10, AEM Fuel Pressure regulator, Custom Burnt Titanium Hood Prop, Subframe Painted Candy Turquoise.


Power: About 190whp, hasn’t been on the dyno for tuning yet.

What was your first modification?: Changed out the Lowering springs and struts, ITR rear sway bar and OEM rear LCA’s  I purchased the car with for Skunk2 coilovers and LCA’s with ASR Rear subframe brace, 24mm sway bar and adjustable end links.
What was your latest modification?: The transition of my whole engine and bay over the last year and half. Tucked, shaved, deleted and relocated as much as possible and every nut, bolt and washer in my bay on my motor, trans, front subframe and suspension has been replaced with brand new hardware from Downstar/Boltboys.
Do you have any more plans for this car? If so, what?: Air Dynamiks Air struts with accuair E-Level Management is already paid for and awaiting custom install by Steve at Bag Barn in Langley, BC. Upgraded custom audio setup by Mitch at Next Level Audio in Nanaimo, BC, A few color changes over the next few seasons thanks to Connor and Tyler at Coastal Car Wraps here in Victoria.
If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: The paint on the body. Not so much the color because I love the bright Frost white on Integras, but because it’s the paint I bought the car with 4 yrs ago. There are a couple small dings and chips from daily driving that most people would never notice and I have had bumpers/lips/skirts/wing and bay recently painted so it’s the last thing that needs to be done before I’m 110% happy with the exterior of my build.
Previously owned cars?: 94 EJ1 B16B Swapped Skunk2 certified, 93 EJ6 B16a Turbo swapped
What car would you like next?: I Daily a Pearl Blue 05 RSX Type-S, but I’m currently looking for a White or Blue Hard Top S2000.
As long as I can remember I have always loved cars and pretty much anything mechanical. Grew up around Hot Rods and Harley’s, but fell in love with Imports because it’s what I could afford at the time. I fell in love with Hondas the first time I felt DOHC VTEC in my friends brand new 94 Integra GSR. I have owned 26 different Honda/Acuras in the last 20 or so years and after rolling my b16b swapped EJ1 in 2012 i was on the hunt for a clean GSR shell that I was gonna JDM front swap and paint white. When I came across a clean white JDM front GSR locally after looking at 35 rusty shells over 3 weeks I fell in love. The first 3 summers of driving her I put close to 100,000km on her and decided this is the car I will keep forever and have slowly been transforming her into a showcar over the last 2 years.
Photos by: Myself and Hendriko Van Der Mey @Visualweight
Social network page/name: FB Costos Nick Vasilius, IG @Blazinfast_dc2
Giulio’s verdict: It’s mental! That list of mods! That engine bay! The colour collaboration with the wheels and lights! That all round super clean look! Love this Integra by Nick…..umm, I’m lost for words, seriously, I can’t pick one fault with this build. Love this build the way it is. Well done Nick, two thumbs up from me bud.
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