Nariaki-san’s R33


名前/Name: Nariaki

歳/Age: 36

県/Prefecture: Japan Ishikawa

車/Car: Nissan skyline GTS25t Type M ECR33 (tommykaira M25)

仕事/Occupation: construction worker


ホイール/Wheels: BBS LM 10j +20 (wide specer Fr+20 Rr+35) tire BS RE01 265/35-18

サスペンション/Suspension: Quantum damper, Cusco pyro upper mount, swift spring (F12K R11K), Fr upper Nismo arm. lower arm and tension rod adjustable pyro arm, reinforced tie rod and offset end, Rr upper arm and traction rod, adjustable pyro too, lower genuine arm reinforce+ after with rigid collar, HICAS cancel rod, Tomei 3 piece tower bar, Nismo rear tower bar, rear original trunk bar (4point).



エクステリアパーツ/Exterior: Blister-fender (Impul for 33gtr deadstock), Front-spoiler (unknown for 33gtr shape remake), Side-step(Bomex for 33gtr), Rear-underspoiler (unknown for s14 remake), Blister fender is 33 GTR body, normal aero fitting, Aero is for the normal fender of 33 GTR, since the fender extends to the rocker panel, fitting does not fit so it’s all processing after all, rear-wing (for r33 aero palace?), bonnet (silver carbon for 33gts Zenki), front under panel, Ganadol aero mirror, etc .. some custom and silver carbon parts.




インテリアパーツ/Interior: driver seat RECARO spg (repaint), passenger seat RECARO SR3 (tommykaira), defi-link meter BF(Unber), auto meter taco play back, Apexi rev/speed meter, Audio system (Carozzeria head unit ,ads amp and speakers), Some parts by tommykaira original,  roll cage (13point with B pilor gazzet) with original aluminum floor bar join roll cage bottom under at floor, HKS Kansai tunnel floor bar and rear brace too and … More.


チューニングパーツ/Tuning parts: Body reinforce, auto select support plate in front-fender, RB25DET with kkk turbo, bore up Tomei forged piston over size, port gap grinding and smooth polish ,valve too and rapping, Tomei high cam, head surface rapping, Dummy head and temp adjust boring, connecting rod weight adjusting, crank bending mend, Precise mend (machining by tomei factory), GReddy serge tank, Q45 throttle body, original intake pipe ,HKS GTracing inter cooler, Nissan genuine engine short part change Nismo, almost hose change silicone or stainless mesh, all belt power enter, Trust racing blow off (inner type R+), copper radiator 3 layers, hose assy by Samco, Di coil split fire, HKS air cleaner and more HKS parts, air remover riquid tank original, Cusco power steering tank, aero motive fuel pump and fuel regulator, BNR 34 in tank pump and original correcter tank system, HKS exhaust manifold and waste gate (return), original outlet, front pipe too, original metal catalyzer, bordor burn out exhaust muffler center silencer remove, RB25 normal mission, engine and mission Nismo mount too, OS triple plate clutch dumper less, original stain-mesh straight clutch line. Long lilies fork, Nismo 1.5way LSD deff and oil catch tank, Crossmember bush and Deffcase Rigid coller too, BNR34 for N1 brake master cylinder, all original stainless mesh hose, Fr F50 Brembo caliper 355 2pc slit rotar, dixcel pad, Rr BNR34 stock Brembo caliper with offset bracket V36 350 rotar, dixcel pad, Controls by HKS Fcon V pro + HKS evc5, add after sensors for air flow sensor less.



パワー/Power: set boost 1.6K, 600BHP at 6900RPM, peak torque 6000RPM

一番最初のパーツ/What was your first modification?: JIC suspension

直近のパーツ/What was your latest modification?: RECARO SPG full backs


次はこの車何する/Do you have any more plans for this car? If so, what?: Audio remove or BBS rebarell deep rim or rear diffuser.

この車は変わりたいのものある/If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: Engine head (I want solid lifter).

前の車何があた/Previously owned cars?: Main car Toyota Celsior (ucf10) and some small car use daily. l200mira 21alto REX l502mira el4?clnos.

次の車は何が欲しい/What car would you like next?: If my dream comes true, I’d really want to get a Lamborghini Murcielago tuned and stanced by me.









Photos by: Nariaki-san

ソーシャル・ネットワークの名前かページ: Instagram @nary_metal

Giulio’s verdict: Sorry about the last part guys, really had trouble trying to translate it. I have a feeling it’s basically something along the lines of, Nariaki-san talking about how he loves mechanical things and tinkering with them. He got his bike license first at the age of 16 and in the blink of an eye he had turned 19 years old and got his car license. He adds that no matter how sophisticated the work, the child inside is always there…. Something like this, sorry if it’s completely wrong hahaha.

I like this R33, it kind of reminds me of one of the original GT racing games on the first Playstation. I love how much work that has put into this to give it that little old school look and that tuning is just a dream. Personally, I would have taken an ever so slightly different approach on the exterior looks but…it’s not my car, I don’t own an R33 and it’s always “built for you”.

Sweet nonetheless, Nariaki-san!

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