Koya-san’s Lancer Evo IX


名前:/Name: Koya Arase

歳:/Age: 19

県:/Prefecture: Yamaguchi

車:/Car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX

仕事:/Occupation: Student


ホイール:/Wheels: Work Meistar m1

サスペンション:/Supension: KYB


エクステリアパーツ:/Exterior parts: Voltex wide bodykit

インテリアパーツ:/Interior parts: Prodrive. dife3 連 BRIDE



チューニングパーツ:/Tuning parts: Boost up

パワー:/Power: About 400ps


次はこの車何する:/Do you have any more plans for this car?: サーキット仕様に変更する予定 / Plan on making it all to circuit spec.

この車は変わりたいのものある:/If you could change anything on your car, what would it be?: Engine room.

前の車何があた:/Previously owned cars?: 全部 / This Mitsubishi Evo is my first car.

父親の影響で小さい頃から / The main reason I’m into cars is all down to my father’s influence.


Photos by: Rock Photography.

Giulio’s verdict: Who doesn’t like a Lancer Evo IX?…..apart from a number of die hard Impreza owners. The love hate that these owners have is unreal but on occasions understandable. I know I’d love an Evo IX, especially the MR model but they’re still going for a lot of Yen here in Japan, can’t imagine what they go for in other countries.

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