Kiko’s Audi A4


Name: Kiko Salcedo

Age: 21

City: Riverside , CA

Car: 09 Audi A4


Wheels: Weds vishunu

Suspension: BC Coils


Exterior parts: Charactere Front Bumper, Rs4 style grill, FGM wide bodykit, carbon fiber rear trunk lip, euro spec Rs4 headlights.

Interior parts: carbon fiber trim.


Tuning parts: APR Tune, k&n intake, 3″ aftermarket downpipe, R8 coil packs, 2.5 inch aluminum intercooler piping, 3 inch width after market intercooler, GoFastBits diverter Valve, Eurocode Turbo Muffler Delete.

Power: Unknown.


What was your first modification?: Suspension.

What was your latest modification?: Downpipe.


Do you have any more plans for this car? If so, what?: Relip Wheels, Custom rear diffuser, Chassis mount splitter, Big Country lab wing, Repaint, Boost/Temp/Oil gauge, Aftermarket steering wheel, K04 turbo upgrade.

If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: Transmission , not manual trans.


Previously owned cars?: Evo8 , e36 m3 , 1990 civic ,1993 civic hatch , 1995 civic , 91 RX7 FC turbo ll.

What car would you like next?: E46 m3.



Everyone calls me Kiko from birth , real names Ricardo Salcedo, I’m 21 and I’ve been into this scene since the age of 16 when I first bought my first car…it was a 1993 Civic hatch si, loved it. My parents never had all the money in the world so I had to work hard and purchase my first project. As I grew my cars got nicer but always stayed humble and respected all cars and builds. In 2013 I crashed my 03 evo 8 which I would say was my favorite car. I totaled it in a canyon run which led to me getting the Audi I have now. One thing I’ll say is never stop doing what you love even if it leaves you torn shoes on your feet. My car is my get away from society and will always be.

Photos by & @vlnt.bryan

Your social network page/name: Instagram : salcedo_kiko

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