Kay’s R32 GTR

Name: Kay Ng

Age: 23

City: Calgary

Car: Nissan Skyline GTR R32

Occupation: Apprentice mechanic


 All started with a “89 Silvia”. After spending countless cold days in the garage building it with my brother, I said to myself “am I building the right car”? Weeks later, I sold it and went to get a Skyline! I later on started to do basic mods like everyone would do to their project. Your typical air intake, exhaust, coilover & nice wheels. I Attended my first out door car show “ Illmotion 2014”.  I saw some crazy GTS & GTR so I thought to myself I wanna be known as one of the best or even the best one day! Days then months went by and I knew what I had to do. Started with the engine and spent all my pay cheque until I got the engine looking good. But it was not nearly enough to win anything. I met a friend name Colton ( 51-onefourteen) he has taught me so much and spent so much time to get my car ready for my first show ever “Driven 2015”.  Sadly, after assembling the bare GTR Shell in 43days we did not win anything at “Driven”, but that didn’t stop me from continuing to improve “suki”. I changed the color 3 times in a 4 month time period. Purple, dark green & finally the Bahamas Blue!

Wheels: Current Artinmotion Wheels MA1 ( before) Work Meister SP3.


Suspension: Ksport Airbag/Accuair E-level management/ Turtle Garage Hicas delete, Adjustable Front & Rear Megan Racing.


Exterior parts: Vertex body kit, Rocket Bunny S13 Diffuser, Rocket Bunny S13 Spoiler, Carbon Fiber Dmax Hood , Carbon Fiber Dmax Roof spoiler, Carbon Fiber Trunk.

Interior parts: DND Samurai Shifter, Accuser E-Level Controller, Aem Water,Boost & AFR Gauge, Bride Low Max Seats, NRG Harness bar, Takata harness.


Tuning parts: Tomei buckets, Tomei pro cam 260″ in/ex 10.25″, Brian Crower spring & retainer kit, Cometic gasket set, ARP head & main stud, Tomei oil restrictor , Manly Forge rod, CP Piston, N1 Water pump, N1 oil pump, R34 crankshaft, Mishimoto Rad, Mishimoto oil cooler, Mishimoto coolant catch can, Flex a life fan, Custom Autodream piping, Yonaka FMIC, Rawbrokerage intake, Moroso oil cancan, Split fire coil pack, HKS Timing belt, HKS power steering belt, HKS Alternator belt , HKS BOV, Borg warner s300, Doc race twin scroll mvs, Dual mvs tial wastegate, LINK G4 Standalone.


Power: 551WHP 432TQ.

When we showed up at  “Illmotion 2015”, I saw all the top skylines that I had looked up to and not only that, I was lined up with some of the fastest skylines I’ve ever seen! At the end of a 7 hour wait period, awards came up. I knew I didn’t have a chance against some of the top contenders, but shocking, I heard my name called up to the front. At first I was thinking to myself that it was someone else but my name was repeated again. I ran up to grab the awards, but I’m the type that doesn’t show any excitement. Walked back to my car and was congratulated by my friends & the next mentor who has been really helpful and patient with me!


What was your first modification?: When I first got my GTR, on my birthday of 2015, I knew I had to get a bigger turbo. So from that moment I blew my motor 3 months after my birthday and went on to a full bottom end rebuild & bought a cheap single turbo kit and made 450WHP at that time for the summer of 2015.

What was your latest modification?: Latest mod we did to the car was upgrade the air suspension, BagBarn installed the Accuair E-Level Management!


Do you have any more plans for this car? If so, what?: The current look was made to show people that its not all about being original with these cars, a lot of people I encounter this year did not approve on what I did to the GTR but hey I like peoples opinion to change and I don’t only do this for myself, I do it for the people who have been there supporting and watching my build since 2015!


If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: As of right now, I am ripping the whole body out and wheels to sell to someone who would replicate the look I did and hopefully people continue to be different and passionate about their cars instead of being the same as everyone in the car scene.


Previously owned cars?: The Jdm life starter was when I bought my first 89 Silvia and built it with my old brother.  I realized I didn’t like it because I always wanted an R32 GTR.

What car would you like next?: I would like to get a better Lexus. I currently daily a 08 IS250 would love to own a Lexus RCF.


Here comes 2016” 1 trophy and I was hooked on improving and being different. What you see is what I have to done to gain new followers or haters of my build! I started a new job at a shop called “Autodream”. While working here, I was able to learn from one of the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever met. He has taught me many things and helped me get out of many situations with my GTR, and taught me many different tricks with my car! I have done a lot of different things most people wouldn’t do to there GTR, but I did it! Because I was all about being different. Being different didn’t only get me 4 more trophies this year, but it got me a lot more opportunities with businesses who were there to help me get my car to where it is and would like to thank many businesses that supported my build!  2017 will be a surprise as I need to stop spending money on my toy as my girlfriend is not too pleased of how much I spend everyday.
Social network: Instagram @kaywiin
Photos by: @rjoha1, @jbanh_, @pbmphotography, @komicozze, @ itslish_, @komicozze

Giulio’s verdict: Yet another R32, I say “yet another” in the good sense that these cars are just awesome and never grow old. They adapt well to virtually all new trending designs and have the raw function to go with what ever your desire is in the form department. What Kay has done here is just lovely, nice paint work (blue’s my favourite colour) for me that street aggressive look all backed up with enough power. Kay says that some people didn’t really go along with his build but at the end of the day you build for you, similar to Damien’s GC8 that we featured when we first started Stanced★Up. RESPECT! Love to see what happens next with this R32 and if he does go ahead with a “better” Lexus like the RCF he mentioned. I mean, who wouldn’t like one!? hahaha.

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