John’s 2.0T Hyundai Genesis


Car: 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T

Name: John Romanyak Jr

Age: 27

City: Columbus Ohio

Occupation: Union Construction worker


Wheels: Custom 3pc Iforged Essen’s

Suspension: Megan Racing Street coilovers, ISR camber arms

Exterior parts: Remake widebody, VIS carbon fiber grille, VIS carbon fiber trunk, gloss black wrapped roof, Prodidgy front lip, VIS carbon fiber diffuser, custom retrofitted headlights.


Interior parts: Stock. Genesis Coupe comes stock with Braum racing seats.

Tuning parts: Stage 2 BTR tuned

Power: K&N SRI, Forge BOV, Full Custom Turbo back exhaust, ISR FMIC, Evo X injectors, 4 puck unsprung ACT clutch.


What was your first modification?: first mod was the Forge Motorsports Blow off valve

What was your latest modification?: latest mod was the remake widebody kit, did everything myself in my tiny ass apartment garage.

Do you have any more plans for this car? If so, what?: I have new bride seats coming, new lips for my wheels, specs will be crazy -30’s and -60’s offsets, and I’ll be installing my Vera air kit with the D2 air struts. Also tinkering around with the idea of a 2j swap or LS3 swap


If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: I love my car, it’s the first one I’ve ever modded and I’ve done it all myself, I wouldn’t change a thing

Previously owned cars?: a 2000 dodge Dakota on 22’s and bags 97 Wrangler with a 318, 4×4 on 35’s.

What car would you like next?: been looking at a lotus Evora or an RS.


I’m John Romanyak, 28 from Columbus Ohio. Was never really into cars much growing up, I raced motocross. About age 24 I got sick of racing and having nothing to show for it so I sold all my bikes and trailer and looked at a Evo, STI and a Genesis Coupe. All I knew is I wanted a turbo’d car. I got a killer deal on my genesis and it was all stock, 1 owner… I originally wanted to make it a ‘fast car’ but learned quickly unless you rebuild the motor you can’t go fast, so stance it was. This is the first car I’ve ever modified, and I didn’t know anything about cars when I got into this scene… I’ve done all the work by myself on my car. Honestly I don’t think I’d ever sell it because it has a special place in my heart and one day I’d like to hand the car down to my son. I’ve met so many cool people in this scene, who I consider family now. Also Shout to the fam in GoonSquad and Battlegang


Photos by: Cedric Owens (@shotsbyced) @theastrophotography @gnphotography

Your social network page/name: Facebook: John Romanyak/Insta: kdm_bromanyak

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