Ghost White STI

Name: Nico

Age: 21

City: Bournemouth/Düsseldorf… Car registered to Germany

Car: Subaru Impreza GC8 STI


Had a massive passion for cars all my life. The moment I was able to get my licence, I did. Even before I had my licence, I was working on my car just to be able to build it and modify it as much as the younger and very inexperienced me could.


Wheels: JR-11 17 x 8.25 ET35 – 205/45/17

Suspension: Tein Super Street Custom Kit with custom spring rates and very short springs


Exterior Parts: Wheels, very low, big V7 style scoop, Blacked out headlights, Amber US style sidelights, Wings+Fenders slightly widened all around, fresh respray, Antenna, headlight washer jets, licence plate holder all got cleaned/deleted with the respray, foglight cover modded to fit induction kit, Neochrome Towhook, Sideskirt clean + mudflaps delete.

Interior Parts: Bride Gias LowMax, Takata Harness, OMP Steering wheel, D1 Spec Snapoff, rear is all out for weight reduction, Armrest covered in Bride fabric to match seats, airbag delete, shift light, stack oil pressure, stack exhaust temp, stack boost pressure, digital oil temp, digital water temp, burnt look shift knob


Tuning Parts: Fully built engine, fully forged, VF24, Full induction kit, full remap with MAF delete, Anti Lag and Launch Control, Cosworth head gasket, 4.2 0-60 (measured via Driftbox), Strut braces all around, oil catch tank, Samco silicone hoses.


First Modification: The loooooows.

Latest Modification: Blue tip exhaust all fitted up (can’t see that on the pictures literally done that today).

STISold my MK3 Golf after someone bumped into it and it was a write off, broke the car and bought the MK4. Then got really involved with forums and found many car friends and went to meets together. Met more car people and had my first passenger ride in a Subaru STI. Life changed from there – wanted a Subaru and nothing else.

Do you have anymore plans for this car? If so, what?: More power + Forged wheels such as Work XD9’s, Volk RE30’s, Volk CE28N’s etc.

If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: I’m very happy with how it sits now after the recent respray, I’m quite decisive – if I wanna change something I just do it but yeah if money wouldn’t matter I’d have those wheels mentioned above.


Previous cars: VW Golf 3 GTI, VW Golf 4 GTI.

Buy next: Toyota Chaser, Nissan R32 GTR, Nissan R34 GTR, Nissan S15 Spec-R.



Bought my GC8 about a year after that test ride and been a very happy owner ever since. Completely turned towards Japanese cars since then as they are just more rare, have more character than most European cars and simply are better value for money. But I do rate many old BMW’s (E30, E21 etc), many old VW (MK1,MK2, Scirocco MK1/2) etc. I earn money to buy car parts!

John’s Verdict: Mean eyes have got to be my favourite STI’s. There is beauty in simplicity and this GC8 proves it.

To keep up with Nico’s build, follow him on Instagram @nico_cleanstyle

All photos taken by @charliestratevans (Instagram)
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