Chuck’s Supra RZ


Name: chuck

Age: 29

City: calgary

Car: Toyota Supra RZ

Occupation: YYC plug


Wheels: Work Meister S1 3 piece 19×10 19×11.5

Suspension: HSD race coil overs, TRD front strut bar, Cusco front and rear sway bar


Exterior parts: Ridox front bumper with carbon accent, Ridox front lower carbon diffuser with under tray, Ridox vortex generator, Varis Carbon hood, Topsecret carbon rear diffuser, TRD wing w/ Carbon blade, APR carbon race mirrors, 98 headlights, Custom LED tails

Interior parts: Pro spec imports Billet AC/Heat combo, Pro spec Leather shift boot, Pro spec carbon door steps, Full carbon inner door panels, Valentine V1 radar detector, Nardi wheel/hub, AEM boost guage, AEM afr guage, Pioneer double din, JL W7 sub w/components


Tuning parts: Link G4 storm stand alone ecu, Big single turbo (borge s369 sxe billet), HKS blowoff valve sqv4. HKS fuel system ( rail , injectors ), HKS cam gears, BC 264 cam shafts, upgraded 450h fuel pump, Tomei FPR, Billet tensioner, Custom catch  can, Greddy intake manifold w/ Q45TB, 4″ intake, 4″custom down pipe, Apexi Turbo back exhaust, Tial MVR wastegate with open dump screer pipe, Weisco Forged pistons, Manley forged rods, BREMBO 6 piston bbk with ISF 360mm rotors

Power: To be determined with a new tune once my fully built motor is done from machining and re assembled
(Currently on a low boost setting)


What was your first modification?: Coilovers first… always

What was your latest modification?: My latest mod would have to be a bigger Turbo upgrade from the old S366 to new Borge S369 billet wheel (69mm)

Do you have any more plans for this car? If so, what?: The car is basically fully built inside and out ..if i were to change anything it would be the color so no one would be rocking the same as me in this city …


If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: If i could change anything… i wish it was RSP that is my all time favourite color

Previously owned cars?: I’ll start off when i was young.. from my first car to the rest I’ve owned up until now
-honda civic eg hatch 1993, Integra Type R, Acura TL (03), Mercedes ML 55 amg, Lincoln navigator, Acura TL (06), Super charged Lexus IS350 (only boosted 1 in canada), Toyota Supra RZ

What car would you like next?: Currently i have my eye on either a BMW M4 or E63AMG for my next daily


Ever since i was young I knew cars would be a big part of my life.. my dad used to own a mark 3 supra back in the early 90s and ever since then I knew I wanted to build my own, I started off building Hondas as they were affordable at a younger age and quickly fell in love with modding cars , as I got older I craved more power and needed to upgrade and I found my self slowly building faster and more expensive vehicles, as they say the people around you let you know who you are , all my bros also share the same passion as me and also are driving Supras and GTRS and now the journey has begun to reach the top level and I wont stop till I am there.

Photos by: Braedend park

Your social network page/name: Instagram @c_huyn, FB @charlie winn

Giulio’s verdict: Beastly Supra here, how beastly we don’t actually know as stated “to be determined” due to more work. No doubt it’s going to be…….beastly lol. Supras are a mean bit of machinery, just like all the other rods from the late 80’s and 90’s and something that Japan needs to get back in to again. What Chuck has done here is just perfect. He’s kept the form sweet, not going overboard with it and the function looks and, going by the list of parts sounds nice! On the the form side of things he’s got that nice Supra squared off rear wing, nice lip, rear diffuser, little canards, those wheels and the black and red colour collaboration. Basically, it’s all round sweet, clean and mean. Love it and if these weren’t still quite expensive for a respectable example I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase one. I’m jealous!

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