Budziosz’s 300ZX TT


Name: Matt Budziosz

Age: 28

City: Toronto, Canada

Car: 1990 300ZX TT Widebody

Occupation: Doing racecar things with my racecar friends


Exterior parts:
-RS Performance Type 3 Carbon Fiber Nosepanel
-RS Performance Carbon Fiber Fog Ducts
-WinFactory CSL-R Spoiler Lip (Molded)
-Stillen Type III Front Lip (Molded)
-Customized OEM NA to TT Front Bumper
-Kaminari Side Skirts (Molded)
-Kaminari Door Fillers (Molded)
-TwinZ Design Side Skirt extensions (Molded)
-TwinZ Design Type 2 Rear Bumper (Modified)
-TwinZ Design Rear Diffuser
-All Exterior LED Bulbs
-Custom Black with 24k Gold Pearl Paint
-Custom Hand Crafted Metal Widebody
-Shaved Headlamp Washers
-Shaved Rear Side Markers
-Shaved Antenna
-Shaved Rear Window Wiper
-Shaved Washer Nozzles
-OEM JDM 1999 Tail Lights
-Vortex Motorcycle Gas Cap


-Work Miester S1 3 Piece Wheels
-F: 18×9 +22 / R: 18×13 +5
-Custom Black with Gold Pearl Powder Coat
-24k Gold Hardware
-Gorilla Steel Extended Closed End Lug Nuts
-Custom Aluminum Center Caps

-Pirelli P Zero Rosso
-F: 245/40/18 / R: 335/30/18
-Pirelli P Zero White Print


-AMS Inner Tie Rod Ends
-AMS Outer Tie Rod Ends
-AMS 20-Way ‘Black Series’ Race Coilovers
-AMS Adjustable Front Upper Control Arms
-AMS Adjustable Tension Rods
-AMS Rear Adjustable Control Arms
-AMS Rear Adjustable Toe Arms
-AMS Front Adjustable Sway-Bar End-Links
-AMS Rear Adjustable Sway-Bar End-Links
-AMS Rear Upper Strut Bar


Interior parts:
-PowerBass M-104d 10″ subwoofer x2
-Kenwood KDC-X996 Deck
-PowerBass ASA-2000.1d Amp
-PowerBass 2XL-653 Component Speakers
-ZEnclosures 10″ Subwoofer Enclosure x2
-ZEnclosures Center Amp Panel
-All Interior LED Bulbs
-NRG Steering Wheel Hub
-NRG Quick Release Adapter
-Grip Royal – Royal Knight Racing Wheel
-300 Degree Triple Gauge Din Panel
-AEM Digital AFR Gauges x2
-AEM Digital Fuel Pressure Gauge
-AEM Digital Voltage Gauge
-AEM Digital Boost Gauges x2
-HKS Type 1 Turbo Timer
-Stillen Dash Pod w/ Custom Face
-Nismo Shift Knob
-Takata 3″ RACE 6 SFI Harnesses
-Bride ZETA III Seats w/ Side Mount Brackets



-AMS Lightweight Power Steering Pulley
-AMS Lightweight Water Pump Overdrive Pulley
-AMS Lightweight Alternator Pulley
-AMS Lightweight Crank Pulley
-Nismo Racing Fuel Pump
-HKS HiPower Exhaust
-NISTune ECU w/Feature Pack
-AMS Short Shifter
-AMS Triple Core Aluminium Race Rad
-AMS Black Rad Brackets
-Nismo Oil Cap
-Nismo Rad Cap
-CZP Brushed Stainless Steel Battery Tiedown
-Greddy Magnetic Oil Drain Bolt Plug
-AMS Silicone Upper & Lower Rad Hoses
-Z1 Motorsports NA – TT Rad Conversion Bracket
-AMS Silicone Coolant Bypass Hoses
-AMS Smoked Timing Covers
-JDM EFI Engine Harness
-AIV Delete
-Cruise Control Delete
-EGR Delete
-PRVR Delete
-Throttle Body Coolant Lines Delete
-AMS NA to TT Full Conversion
-GReddy ProFec Boost Controller
-NGK Iridium Plugs
-Gates Racing Kevlar Timing Belt
-Garrett GT2860RS BB Turbo’s x2
-Z1 2.5” Compressor Inlet’s x2
-Z1 High Pressure Adjustable Wastegate Actuators x2
-Z1 SS Braided Turbo Oil Feed Lines x2
-Z1 Formed Silicone Turbo Oil Return Hoses x2
-Z1 Reinforced Silicone Wastegate Actuator Hoses x2
-Z1 Old to New Injector Adapters x6
-Nismo 740cc Fuel Injectors x6
-Z1 New Style Injector Harness Adapters
-CZP Silicone Turbo Coolant Hoses x4
-Southbend SS-TZ Kevlar Stage 3 Clutch
-Fidanza 11.5lbs Lightweight Flywheel
-CZP Chromoly Clutch Pivot Ball
-CZP SS Braided Clutch Line
-AMS 2.5” OMEGA Side Mount Intercoolers
-AMS Customized OEM SMIC Brackets
-AMS 2.5” Intercooler Piping w/ Discharge Pipes
-AMS 2.5″ Intake Piping
-AMS Intercooler Ducts
-Z1 Low Profile Turn Signal Pigtail Harnesses
-Alloy Toyz 3” Split Downpipes x2
-Alloy Toyz 3″ Resonated Testpipes x2
-AMS MaxFlow Manifolds x2
-AMS Dual Intake
-JWT Intake Filters x2
-AMS High Capacity Oil Cooler
-Z32 Innovations Low Profile Motor Mounts
-AMS SS Engine Bolt Kit
-AMS PTU Relocation
-Type 2 PTU
-ZSPEC J30 Spring Covers
-ZSPEC Battery Cable Bracket
-AMS Polished Throttle Cable Cover
-AMS Polished Fuse Box Covers
-AMS A/C Adapter Retrofit Kit
-AMS NA to TT A/C Conversion
-WinFactory Hood Prop Conversion Kit
-CZP Cooling Panel
-AMS Brake Master Cylinder Brace
-Selin MAF Translator V2.


Dyno horsepower: 550rwhp
Dyno torque: 500 ft-lbs

What was your first modification?: the first mods I did (all at the same time), intake, exhaust and chip tune (later upgraded)

What was your latest modification?: The latest mods (all at the same time) are the all metal wide body, wheels, tires, paint, seats and belts were all done this past winter.

Do you have anymore plans for this car? If so, what?: rebuilding the engine, upgrading many parts such as the turbos and fuel system to surpass the 1000rwhp mark.

If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: I wouldn’t change anything unless it results in more hp/tq.

Previously owned cars?: 2003 Toyota Matrix XRS

What car would you like to buy next?: Nissan R35 GT-R and/or TT Lamborghini Gallardo.


Ever since I was a young kid there was something about cars that would always draw my attention. Whether it was a nice/rare car on the street, tv, poster or magazine, I always had to stop and stare. When I got older I became more informed about the different types/classes of cars as well as makes/models and what makes them special. I think a big factor for me was also the first Fast & Furious movie. When it launched I was about 12 years old and all I could think was how cool all those cars where. Obviously times have changed and what was in back then is laughable now but it was the culture that got me.
I actually remember seeing my first Z32 when I was about 5 years old and I told myself that when I get older I would buy one. Over the years when I would see the odd one on the streets it would always give me this happy sensation, like a little kid on the night before Christmas. It would make my day seeing a Z32 and that feeling never wore off. I ended up buying this one which was a factory original naturally aspirated model (which I converted to Twin Turbo with a JDM TT Swap) and even now when I see a z32 on the street, regardless or trim level or even condition, it puts a big smile on my face.
I chose this car because it was unlike anything else on the road when it first launched in North America. The styling and the sound made me instantly fall in love with this great piece of machinery. The Z32 is often considered an underdog compared to the JDM vehicles of its era, such as the MKIV Supra, FD3 RX7, R32 Skyline, Acura NSX, etc. I wanted to choose a less popular car so it stands out amongst the crowd.
I really enjoy driving this car and bringing it to events. I always get many questions/compliments about the build, the wide body, and the car in general. Often times at gas stations I get stopped by people who want to know about the car. I find I spend a lot of time explaining to people that it isn’t a Lamborghini or a Ferrari.
Social Media:
Special Thanks goes to the following people
Chris Melo- JA Automotive (Brampton, ON)
Hilary Noack – Ink & Iron Autobody (Mississauga, ON)
Dan Fournier- Dan Fournier Metalworks (Mississauga, ON)
Vuk Zivic- AMS Motorsports (Mississauga, ON)
Blain Angus- Righteous Garage (Cambridge, ON)
Ronan Heatley Smith – RoRo Designs (Paris, ON)
Andrew Zhang – A.Z Photography (Toronto, ON)
Giulio’s verdict: I think it’s safe to say that this 300ZX is definitely the build with the most work done on it that we’ve featured so far. That list of parts just goes on and on! I remember when the 300ZX first came out and all I could think about was how awesome it would be to have one. They’re a little bit of a rare sight these days, well for me where I’m living in Japan they are but when I do see one they are all definitely not standard, some have minor body changes and others have some light tuning and all look and sound different to the others, they all have a little uniqueness about them.
Anyway, back to Budziosz’s fine example. It’s real nice to see somebody that’s put a massive amount of work into their car and I can’t wait to see if he makes that 1000hp mark. As you can see, he’s mentioned all the people that have made this machine what is is today and thanks to Andrew Zhang for the photos.
If you want to keep up to date on Matt Budziosz&s car 300Zx then head on over to any of the social media links above.
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