Brad’s Lancer Evo8


Name: Bradley Wilkerson 

Age: 23

City: Kansas City 

Car: 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 

Occupation: .50 CAL Cell Tech (Lake City Army Ammunition Plant)


Wheels: Rota Grids 18×9.5 

Suspension: Stock struts with Ksport lowering springs 


Exterior parts: Do-luck style front lip, side skirt extensions, JDM tail lights, JDM headlight mod 

Interior parts: Sparco 4-point harness, AEM wideband, Autometer boost gauge, Autometer oil pressure gauge, turbo timer



Tuning parts: Dual map tune done by Modified by KC in downtown Kansas City, Kansas, Manley turbo tuff I-beam rods, Wiseco 1400HD E85 10.5:1 pistons, ACL race bearings, ARP head studs, ARP main studs, GSC Billet S2 (274/274) cams, Supertech valve springs and retainers, Custom top mount tubular manifold, custom stainless downpipe and wastegate dump tube, HTA3586 ball bearing turbo, Precision 44mm external wastegate, custom oil catch can, ETS 3.5″ anodized black intercooler, ETS 2.5″ wrinkle black intercooler piping, Tial Q blow-off valve, Walbro 450E fuel pump, F.I.C. 2150cc injectors, Billet fuel rail, FueLab fuel pressure regulator, SpoolinUp COP non-CDI ignition, Jack’s built transmission, Exedy twin disc clutch, ACT Monoloc ring upgrade, Gates timing set, all OEM gaskets/seals, B&M oil cooler, dual map speed density tune.


What was your first modification?: First modification was just a dual map 91/E85 tune. I picked the car up with minor bolt-ons and decided to go E85 pretty much immediately. Made 375whp/ 302wtq on 91 and 418wtq/ 379wtq on E85 stock block.

What was your latest modification?: The latest modification was a full engine build with supporting mods.

Do you have any more plans for this car? If so, what?: In the future, I will eventually get Fortune Auto 500 coilovers with Swift springs and do wheels/tires. I’m leaning towards Enkei NT03+m 18×9.5 +27mm with a good sticky, meaty street tire.


If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: The one thing I have always wanted to change is the exterior. I’ll eventually get it repainted and do a few cosmetic mods. Carbon fiber front lip, side skirt extensions etc. The car doesn’t look bad but could use some fresh paint and a bit of body work.

Previously owned cars?: Before the Evo I had a 2004 Electric Blue Neon SRT-4. I drove it for about a year then got another 2004 Bright Silver Metallic Neon SRT-4. That one was by far the cleanest car I’ve ever had. I knew I always wanted an Evo though. Just kept saving up for one and drove the SRT-4 while I looked for one.

What car would you like next?: For my next car, I’ve really been looking at getting an Evo 10 for daily driving. I currently have a 2000 Taurus as the daily beater and it’s just not cutting it.


I first got into the car scene back in 2010 when I was 17. I knew absolutely nothing about cars and a good friend of mine had just picked up a 2006 Evo 9. He took me for a ride and it completely blew my away that a vehicle could set you in the seat like that. I knew at that exact moment I wanted an Evo. He eventually got a 2011 WRX sedan and taught me how to drive a manual transmission with it. I then started looking at getting an SRT-4 since I couldn’t afford an Evo at the time. The rest is history.


Photos by:

Your social network page/name: Instagram- Braddle_snake Facebook- Bradley Wilkerson

I would also like to give a HUGE shout out to Broderick Jones owner of WizardWorks @evowizard for the build on the car. He’s the reason the car is the way it is. He built everything on the car.

Giulio’s verdict: The second Evo now featured on Stanced★Up but Brad’s Evo, as you can see is quite a bit different from Koya-san’s (the previous one we featured). Where Koya-san went with a nice form factor Brad has just gone a more aggressive route engine wise but kept the form extremely simple. That block he’s running sounds sweet, go to his insta page and watch a couple of vids he’s got up on there to hear it.

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