Botch-san’s 350Z

名前/Name: Botch
歳/Age: 47
県/Prefecture: Saitama  Japan
車/Car: 350Z (Z33)
仕事/Occupation: Forklift truck sales
ホイール/Wheels: Work Meister L1  or  S1R
サスペンション/Suspension: Alagosta
エクステリアパーツ/Exterior parts: MK-MOTOR  Widebody kit  &  One-off processing Food
インテリアパーツ/Interior parts: Recaro Spg , Momo stealing , One-off roll cage
チューニングパーツ/Tuning parts: 〈Cylinder head〉Nismo stage 2,〈Camshaft〉in 280° ,  out 272°  and  Nismo VTC, 〈Piston〉One-off,〈Exhaust manifold 〉One-off Φ48 Equal length,〈Exhaust pipe〉Φ80 straight,〈Intake manifold〉One-off processing,〈Surge tank〉One-off processing・・・etc
一番最初のパーツ/What was your first modification?: Alagosta suspension kit
直近のパーツ/What was your latest modification?: Work Meister L1
次はこの車何する/Do you have any more plans for this car? If so, what?: I’m thinking
この車は変わりたいのものある/If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: I don’t know
前の車何があた/Previously owned cars?: (全部) 79′ TE71 ,  84′ AE86  ,  88′ FC3S  ,  91′ & 97′ FD3S  ,  03′ Z33
次の車は何が欲しい/What car would you like next?:Nothing in particular
父が HS30 に乗っていたので、乗せてもらうと、いつもワクワクしていたよ!
I have loved cars ever since I was a child. I used to get all excited when I would go out with my dad in his Datsun HS30.
写真撮った人の名前/Photos by:自分/Myself & Shinya Adachi
ソーシャル・ネットワークの名前かページ/Your social network page/name:〈instagram〉@botch1969,〈Facebook〉
Giulio’s verdict: I remember seeing this 350Z at last year’s Nagoya AutoTrend next to a mad R32 ( you can see pictures of both of them here ). Love that creamy grey colour on Botch-san’s car, reminds me of the same kind of paintwork on Tomoya-san’s ER34 who recently sent us in a load of photos from the Stancenation G edition event held in Odaiba last year which is the second time I saw this 350Z. Luckily Tomoya-san knows who the owner is so I was able to contact Botch-san to ask about his build. Photos from Stancenation can be seen here and of Tomoya-san’s ER34 here ).
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