K’shawn’s 97 EK Civic


Car: 1997 EK honda civic

Name: K’shawn agee

Age: 18

City: columbus

Occupation: college kid


Wheels: esm 15×8.5

Suspension: skunk 2


Exterior parts: lip, type r wing, canards, black fogs, black headlights,hids

Interior parts: headliner, grip royal, black dildo shift knob, em arm rest, sickspeed boot



Tuning parts: tucked bay

Power: 200hp

What was your first modification?: wanggg

What was your latest modification?: oem bra


Do you have any more plans for this car? If so, what?: finish the interior with seats, and finish the tucked bay

If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: i would change the wheels i would love to own the solid black bbs

Previously owned cars?: 79 chevy impala, mitsu 3000gt, em2, del sol

What car would you like next?: 2014 si or a gs v.i.p 300


I’m a college just trying to show the world my passion, and help everyone out if they need me, I’m in NV, US. I am a central Ohio s/o to my team.  I am building this car to show people that Hondas ain’t just ricers, we love our cars just how everyone else does.


Photos by: Ni’shan Jahmal Rawls

Social networks: instagram @thatcleanek, facebook k’shawn agee

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