800hp Focus RS


Name: Nick Moore

Age: 40

City: Northampton, UK

Car: Mk2 Ford Focus RS

Occupation: Purchasing Director

Focus RS

Wheels: Either Compomotive MO6 or OZ Superturismo MSport 42mm offset WRC

Suspension: BC Racing Coilovers, Whiteline ARBs, Whiteline Anti Lift Kit, Whiteline Upgraded Polybushes

Focus RS

Exterior parts: MSport Carbon WRC Wing, ACR Composites WRC Front Bumper, Badgeless Grill, MSport Roof Scoop, Side Exit straight through Exhaust, WRC bonnet vents, Wortec 362 mm Drilled Front Brakes, Wortec 345mm Drilled Rear Brakes. Sun Cut Rotas

Interior parts: Full Roll Cage, Cobra Sport Racing Seats, Relocated Battery
Focus RS
Focus RS
Focus RS

Tuning parts: JamSport Custom Carbon front mounted Airbox, Tial 60mm External Wastegate, 1000cc Bosch injectors, Aquamist Water/Methanol Injection System, External Swirl Pot Fuel System, Uprated Braided Fuel Lines, Anembo Billet Aluminium Inlet Plenum, JamSport custom made downpipe., JamSport Oil Breather System, JamSport Oil Cooler, JamSport bespoke High power Intercooler, Upgraded Silicone Boost Hoses, JamSport Stainless Steel 3″ Boost Pipe, Forged and Ported Big Valve Head, Uprated Bottom end, Wiseco Pistons, K1 Forged Rods, Denzo Spark Plugs, Uprated Water Pipes, Fast Road stage 2 Cams, JamSport 70mm Throttle Body, Quick Shift, TTV Twin Plate Clutch, 3J Plated Racing Differential, Aquamist Water/Methanol Injection Guage

Power: 800hp
Focus RS
Focus RS
What was your first modification?: BlueFlame Exhaust

What was your latest modification?: Bespoke Front Mounted Carbon AirBox

Focus RS

Focus RS

Do you have any more plans for this car? If so, what?: I plan to Supercharge the car next. Making the Worlds First Twin Charged Mk2 Focus RS ?

If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: Nothing. It’s perfect right now.

Previously owned cars?: Many…..Vauxhalls, Seat, VW, BMW

What car would you like next?: I really want to own a Ford Escort Cosworth so that will happen at some point. There aren’t many modern cars that do it for me at the moment. Maybe a nice M4 or M5 Beemer.

Focus RS

My love of cars has been passed down from my father. He also loved his Fast Fords and I grew up with XR2’s, XR3’s and Turbo versions. The car of my teenage years was the Ford Escort Cosworth hence my need to own one at some stage. That was the car that the footballers of the day had. Nowadays it’s Lambos and Ferraris.

To be honest Ford went through a period of producing really dull cars so only when the Mk2 Focus RS arrived I got interested in Fords. Before that I had Vauxhall VXRs and Seat Leon Cupra R. I remember the first time seeing a Focus RS. I walked over to it almost in a trance. The next day I went to the local ford dealer and bought one there and then that had been a cancelled order. Pure luck.

From that moment on I wanted to build a car that was a scene leader. Pushing boundaries at every stage and that is what happened and the result is the car I have today. The brief given to my Tuning company ‘JamSport’ is to think outside the box and to do things that haven’t been tried anywhere else. In the Ford tuning scene the car commonly known as Blue Rocket has its own fan base and is well known on Facebook and Instagram.

Focus RS
Photos by: Rob Schaverien, Dani Austin, GJR photography and Blocks photography
Giulio’s verdict: ……………….Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of Ford motors but what Nick has done here is superb…..I really don’t have much to say about this because….well, because it’s just such a sweet build! Kudos to you Nick and we look forward to see what you do next to it and what sort of power you get out of it…..like you really need any  more!
If you like what you see here then you can find Nick on Instagram @nickm1976
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