Othman’s E93 M3


Name: Othman Atiyat

Age: 31

City: Clifton 

Car: 2008 E93 M3

Occupation: Business owner

E93 M3

Wheels: Incurve wheels

Suspension: Airlift

E93 M3

Exterior parts: Wide body kit

Interior parts: Stock

E93 M3

Tuning parts: bpm

Power: 475hp

E93 M3

What was your first modification?: Wide body installation

What was your latest modification?: Air lift suspension

E93 M3

Do you have any more plans for this car? If so, what?: Supercharge

If you could change anything on your car, what would it be, and why?: Increase horse power to get more power

E93 M3

Previously owned cars?: 2004 e46 m3 convertible

What car would you like next?: Toyota Supra

E93 M3

Photos by: Othman

Your social network page/name: @jordanianm3

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