About Stanced Up

Our aim at Stanced Up is to share the blood, sweat, tears, and pure passion of stance from around the world

Whether your car is still in progress, daily driven, or strictly show car, we would love to hear from you about your personal experiences and have the chance to share your photos with everyone.  Not only do we do personal car features, but we can also showcase your entire crew, or give a shout-out to your business! All features require that you answer a few questions as a summary on your car/s and yourself.  Please be sure that your photos are of good quality in order to receive a showcase/feature on our site.

We look forward to hearing from you, we hope you enjoy your experience here and thanks for sharing the love.

-Stanced Up

The Founders

Founder- John Christensen Co-Founder- Giulio D'aliesio

Founder-  John Christensen

Being born and raised in the greater Vancouver area, it is almost impossible to go a day without seeing a car that is a work of art. My passion for cars has grown over the years as I began to realize the craftsmanship and dedication that people put into their rides. The idea of Stanced Up came after being on an app that was dedicated to sharing stanced cars. The great thing about the app was that everyone had a chance to post their car. It didn't matter if you were just getting into the scene, or a hardened veteran with a bagged R35. Giulio and I knew that we had to bring this feeling of no discrimination to a larger audience, so that's how Stanced Up came to be. Myself being the developer of this website, you can expect constant updates catered to what you, the community, want! I'm extremely excited to watch the Stanced Up community grow, and look forward to seeing everyone's whips!

Happy stance! stanced

Co-Founder- Giulio D'aliesio

Living in Japan since 2002. Can never get enough of the car scene here that I see every day from VIP style to drift, from original to the wild n wacky and from the old and insanely modified to the never ending new releases. The cool thing about the car scene in Japan? There's virtually no discrimination, you do what you want with your car and nobody goes around dissing it, which is what we at StancedUp hope to have too. We're all here for the same reason, so let's love and respect each other for each and everyone's efforts. I can't wait to see all your motors from all corners of the globe.

Peace guys!