Patrick’s Z32

7+Name: Patrick Carr Age: 27 City: Warwick Car: 1994 Z32 Nissan 300zx Occupation: Technician Wheels: AIM MA7 with gloss white faces and copper plated outer barrels Suspension: BC Racing BR Type Exterior parts: Custom headlights and tail lights, TwinZ side skirts and rear diffuser, custom front splitter, custom chassis mount with Seibon GT180 wing, PMX Read More

Brad’s Lancer Evo8

5+ Name: Bradley Wilkerson  Age: 23 City: Kansas City  Car: 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution  Occupation: .50 CAL Cell Tech (Lake City Army Ammunition Plant) Wheels: Rota Grids 18×9.5  Suspension: Stock struts with Ksport lowering springs  Exterior parts: Do-luck style front lip, side skirt extensions, JDM tail lights, JDM headlight mod  Interior parts: Sparco 4-point harness, Read More

Chuck’s Supra RZ

3+Name: chuck Age: 29 City: calgary Car: Toyota Supra RZ Occupation: YYC plug Wheels: Work Meister S1 3 piece 19×10 19×11.5 Suspension: HSD race coil overs, TRD front strut bar, Cusco front and rear sway bar Exterior parts: Ridox front bumper with carbon accent, Ridox front lower carbon diffuser with under tray, Ridox vortex generator, Read More

Tsuyano-san’s Nissan Juke

4+ 名前: Tsuyano Name: Tsuyano 県: 茨城県 Prefecture: Ibaraki 車: Nissan Juke 16GT four Car: Nissan Juke 16GT four ホイール: 右→WORK emotion CR kiwami 19×10.5j  左→WORK emotion D9R19×10.5j Wheels: Right side Work Emotion CR kiwami 19×10.5j  Left side Work Emotion D9R19x10.5j サスペンション: RS☆R + 短縮加工バネ Suspension: RS-R + shortened working springs   エクステリアパーツ: akebonoブレーキ、純正フロントアンダーカバー、thuleルーフキャリア Exterioir parts: Akebono brake, genuine front under cover, Thule roof carrier  一番最初のパーツ: サスペンション What was your Read More

Tahara-san’s Celica

3+ 名前/Name Tahara Hirona/田原滉那 歳/Age: 21 県/Prefecture: Chiba/千葉 車/Car: Celica/セリカ 仕事/Occupation: Student/学生 ホイール/Wheels: Center line/センターライン サスペンション/Suspension: XYZ RS パワー/Power: 200ps 直近のパーツ: Gt- wing 次はこの車何する: wheel BBS この車は変わりたいのものある: wheel 前の車何があた: (全部) 無し 次の車は何が欲しい: サイオンTC 子供の頃から好きでした 写真撮った人の名前/Photos by: Rock photograph ソーシャル・ネットワークの名前かページ/Social network: Instagram @hirona_pan, twitter @pantya0167, Facebook Hirona Tahara Giulio’s verdict: I grew up around the RA61 and when the newer popup lights ST162 and ST184 models became popular on the U>K Read More

Kay’s R32 GTR

3+ Name: Kay Ng Age: 23 City: Calgary Car: Nissan Skyline GTR R32 Occupation: Apprentice mechanic  All started with a “89 Silvia”. After spending countless cold days in the garage building it with my brother, I said to myself “am I building the right car”? Weeks later, I sold it and went to get a Skyline! Read More

Koya-san’s Lancer Evo IX

3+名前:/Name: Koya Arase 歳:/Age: 19 県:/Prefecture: Yamaguchi 車:/Car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX 仕事:/Occupation: Student ホイール:/Wheels: Work Meistar m1 サスペンション:/Supension: KYB エクステリアパーツ:/Exterior parts: Voltex wide bodykit インテリアパーツ:/Interior parts: Prodrive. dife3 連 BRIDE チューニングパーツ:/Tuning parts: Boost up パワー:/Power: About 400ps 次はこの車何する:/Do you have any more plans for this car?: サーキット仕様に変更する予定 / Plan on making it all to circuit spec. この車は変わりたいのものある:/If Read More