Chrysler300 VIP whip

4+Name: Adam Avila Age: 21 City: Goodyear, AZ Car: 2009 Chrysler 300 Occupation: Tech This car has been a long over 2 year project, I manage to be a dad, work full time and trying to build this 300 to just drive it and be proud of it. The best feeling is from the simplest non stop Read More

Jared Garcia’s S2000

5+Name: Jared Garcia Age: 24 City: Louisville, KY Car: 2007 Honda S2000 Occupation: Bartender   I wasn’t really into the whole import scene you could say until I met some of my oldest friends; Vincent Gonzalez, Kevin Narine, James Neblett. Between the three’s build, I quickly became hooked with modifying imports, primarily Hondas. It especially Read More

Whitezilla3 Mazdaspeed3

4+Name: Ariel Casas Age: 26 City: Miami Car: 2012 Mazdaspeed 3 Occupation: Project Superintendent Wheels: Traklite Suspension: Eibach springs Koni yellow shocks Exterior parts: Apr splitter, Seibon carbon fiber hood, Carbon fiber grill, custom painted headlights and taillights, Carbon fiber mirrors, Carbon fiber spoiler. Interior parts: Corbeau Seats, 3 gauge pod with gauges, nr-g harness Read More

Subaru Impreza uk2000

2+Name: James Kirsop Age: 28 City: Watford/UK Car: UK2000 Occupation: Refit manager I work hard traveling the country weeks on end and there’s nothing better than coming home and untucking my car, working on her, cleaning her, and taking her out. I’m part of a car group called Herts Scooby Crew and we attend every show Read More

Cathy’s 180SX drift missile

5+Name: Cathy Bui Age: 22 City: Sydney, Australia Car: 1994 Nissan 180sx Occupation: Student Nurse   180sx from TithBrothers on Vimeo. Wheels and suspension: Work VS-KF (18×9-4 18×9.5+14), BC/BR coilovers, S15 full 5 stud conversion, Hardrace adjustable camber and toe arms – rear, hard race castor arms – fronts. Exterior parts: Resprayed LP2 midnight purple, Uras side skirts and rear bar Read More

Tomoya Honda’s ER34 Skyline

8+名前:本多智也(ほんだともや) Name: Tomoya Honda (Tomoya Honda) 歳:27 Age: 27 県:茨城 Prefecture: Ibaraki 車:ER34 Car: ER34 仕事:工場 Work: factory エクステリアパーツ:ダックテール(URAS) フルエアロ(URAS) ディフューザー フロントBNR34FRPワイドフェンダー(stage21) カナード(VERTEX) レクサスワイパー ホイール(WORK Seeker)F9.5J +10 R10J -1 Exterior parts: Duck tail (URAS) full aero (URAS) diffuser front BNR34FRP wide fender (stage21) canard (VERTEX) Lexus wiper wheel (WORK Seeker) F9.5J +10 R10J -1 インテリアパーツ:ステアリング(VERTEX) フルバケットシート(BRIDE) 追加メーター(Auto gauge) 七点式ロールバー (サイトウロールゲージ) Read More

Mitchel Wood’s Civic Fb6

4+Name: Mitchel Wood. Age: 26. City: Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Car: 2014 Honda Civic Si Fb6 Occupation: Diesel Technician I was always into cars. Started right when I began driving, I always wanted to go faster or go lower, and modify as much as possible until I reached my goals. I also have a bit of a Read More

Bagged Subaru 2015 STI CWP

5+Name: Jared Age: 25 City: Providence, RI Car: 2015 STI CWP Occupation: Physical Therapist   My name’s Jared, and I’m 25. Being around cars for my whole life, my dream was to own a car I could own and build. In high school a bunch of my friends owned fast cars whether be their parents Read More

Gray Schilling’s Mazda Protege

3+Name: Gray Schilling Age: 25 City: Middle-of-nowhere, Ontario, Canada. Car: 2003 Mazdaspeed Protege Occupation: Vinyl wrap installer / Stock Day Trader / Aspiring Photographer   Suspension/Wheels/Etc: Custom Spec BC Racing BR coilovers, F:11 / R:13kg/mm 152mm Swift Springs, Custom Fly Slotted BC front camber plates, Fly Slotted Ksport rear camber plates w/ Self fabricated spring perches and ball joint Read More

Aloha Kings Pt.1 (Coupe)

5+Name: Andrew Gouveia Age: 26 City: Hilo, Hawaii Car: 2000 Honda Civic ex coupe, 2000 Honda Civic dx hatch, 2000 Honda Civix lx sedan Occupation: commercial iss at Oreilly Auto Parts     I have always been into cars ever since I remember.  No one really got me into cars it was really just natural, I occasionally saw my older brother work Read More